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Leaving Cert Results Day 2016

Results day has arrived and the wait is over for more than 58,000 leaving cert students this morning who are now scrambling to work...
leaving cert rants

Rant Anonymously about the Leaving Cert

It's good to talk. That's what we're told. It's good for our mental health and also good to share knowledge and views on various...
leaving cert english higher level

Higher Level Leaving Cert English has high pass rates

In 2015, 98.8% of students achieved a pass grade in Higher Level English for the leaving certificate. Considering the fact that higher level English...
leaving cert maths higher level

High level of honours grades in leaving cert maths

In 2015, 70.5% of students achieved a grade of C3 or higher in higher level maths! Nearly 40% of male students achieved grades of...
leaving cert ordinary level french

Girls outperforming boys in French – pass rates are high overall

In 2015 girls outperformed boys in leaving cert French at ordinary level by achieving pass rates of 93.7% to 88.1%. The combined pass rate...
leaving cert english stats

Higher Level English is more popular than ordinary level

Looking at the stats for Leaving Cert English, over twice as many students are taking the higher level exam than ordinary level. In 2015,...
leaving cert irish stats

Very high pass rates for Higher and Ordinary Level Irish in 2015

If you are fearing not getting at least a pass in Irish, the statistics for 2015 should put your mind at rest. 99.5% of...

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Anonymous Rants

Expressive writing instead of ranting

A constructive alternative to ranting may be focused expressive writing, which involves exploring one’s deepest thoughts and feelings about an issue in writing (Graham,...

State of the leaving cert

st8 of it

Leaving cert grinds are expensive

why are grinds so expensive

Hard lc life

i feel like im dying inside life is so hard doing the lc

Done with HL maths

legit so done with HL Maths. like ????? how the hell does most of this even apply to real life?? Im so sick of this...

Mini rant

tis some load of bollux

I just don’t know what to do

I'm really very stressed because I don't know whether I should repeat 5th year to change my subjects or not and I mean you...

pass mark should be raised

I think the pass mark should be raised, its bs!

Good luck ye miserable souls

Sweet Jaysus lads, i came here for the first time and saw the timer. I nearly died looking at it, and I'm only 5th...

Stressed out on Sundays

Is anyone else ridiculously stressed out on Sunday evenings? I feel like I'm 5 again and dreading school. I've had to change my cao...