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leaving cert rants

Rant Anonymously about the Leaving Cert

It's good to talk. That's what we're told. It's good for our mental health and also good to share knowledge and views on various...
leaving cert english higher level

Higher Level Leaving Cert English has high pass rates

In 2015, 98.8% of students achieved a pass grade in Higher Level English for the leaving certificate. Considering the fact that higher level English...
leaving cert maths higher level

High level of honours grades in leaving cert maths

In 2015, 70.5% of students achieved a grade of C3 or higher in higher level maths! Nearly 40% of male students achieved grades of...
leaving cert ordinary level french

Girls outperforming boys in French – pass rates are high overall

In 2015 girls outperformed boys in leaving cert French at ordinary level by achieving pass rates of 93.7% to 88.1%. The combined pass rate...
leaving cert english stats

Higher Level English is more popular than ordinary level

Looking at the stats for Leaving Cert English, over twice as many students are taking the higher level exam than ordinary level. In 2015,...
leaving cert irish stats

Very high pass rates for Higher and Ordinary Level Irish in 2015

If you are fearing not getting at least a pass in Irish, the statistics for 2015 should put your mind at rest. 99.5% of...

Student strike action could put leaving cert 2016 in doubt

The association of leaving cert students of Ireland has today warned of strike action over controversial exams due to take place in June 2016....

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Anonymous Rants

i am so disappointed

i am so disappointed

We’ll be okay.

We'll be okay.

Terrified for results

Terrified for results, didn't do terrible in the hpat but I'm afraid my lc results won't make it up.

How did everyone get on?

I an so anxious about August, I hope i got at least 480 so i have got to Mary I in September. How did everyone...

I’m terrified of what the results will be!

I'm terrified of what the results will be! I burned myself out by March and didn't fully realise it. I spent long hours trying...

Thank lord it’s over

Thank lord it's over

maths paper 2 like honestly wtf was that

maths paper 2 like honestly wtf was that. definitely project maths right there. long questions were easier than short questions but to a degree....

Trinners here I come

I've aced everything so far. Trinners here I come. God I feel bad for you people of average intelligence.

so stressed

Omg I am like sooooo like stressed, like my boyfriend has just not talked to me for like 2 days and I have to...

I came out of my physics exam today in tears

I came out of my physics exam today in tears. For the past two years, I have put more effort into studying for physics...