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10 Days ’till Christmas!…….. oh wait, no, that’s not right.


Yeah, weird title. Up until a few weeks ago I had this countdown widget on my desktop. 273 Days until the Leaving Cert. it used to say and I remember blogging here about how soon that was. It seems funny now. We’ve only got a little more than a week left until the exams and all I want to do is blog. Pathetic right? I’ve done so much messing with my computer today, just to distract me from studying. I’ve been on and off Facebook all day, listened to some “How Stuff Works” podcasts, and I even downloaded a free text-to-speech software program so that I wouldn’t have to read the sample essays I browsed through on the Internet. Somehow I didn’t find Microsoft Anna very convincing at expressing how interesting and brilliant she thought Robert Frost’s poetry was. So after a few pointless games of Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper, I decided to reinstall that widget that I mysteriously lost. Really I was just too lazy to count how many days were left and I typed in the start date and time of English paper 1. The default setting displayed; “10 days until Christmas 2011”. I was initially put back by this almost bold statement. Like the computer was mocking me. I found this kind of irony to be freshing. So much so that I think I’ll leave it and countdown with it right up until “Christmas Eve”! I can already I hear the tunes of Christmas carols and songs such as “Twelve Days of Christmas” ringing through my head like an ear worm. Let’s just hope the paper turns out to be a decent “gift” this year.

Oh well, if there’s anything Leaving Certs are good at, it’s finding ways to waste time!

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