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What is going on in maths?

What is going on in maths??? HOW does anyone get what's happening in HL. Everything was making sense in the JC and in TY...

spitting back english essays

piece of shit education system , why does me learning and spitting back english essays depict how good of a computer engineer im going...

so what if you don’t do well?

TBH, I think there's WAYYY too much stress put on every student sitting the Junior and Leaving Cert. I always hear people saying that...

the lc has really messed me up

that moment when your teacher says " 6th years there's too much happiness in this class" give it a rest ffs pretty sure no...

sick of being stressed

I'm sick of being stressed, anxious and depressed from THE MOTHERFUCKING LEAVING CERT AND ALL OF ITS SHITINESS

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