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Two days left!

Congratulations to all students who have completed the leaving cert 2009! Best of luck to all with remaining exams.

Bloggers needed for 2010/2011

Calling all leaving cert bloggers! After the excellent job done entertaining you lot for the 2010 leaving cert by MisterX, Annah, Bruno, Valerie, Ronan and...

Exams, yay, I love exams..

My apologies for taking so long to post, due to a family bereavement I am woefully behind on just about everything. And that lovely...

The Library is my Lover.

Friday began like every other school day- with a tired cranky Jennie being dragged out of bed just before 7am. It also ended just...

Irish Orals – Conas ata tú?

Ta me go hiontach. Why? I have finally finished the first step towards completing the leaving cert. I had been awaiting this day for...

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