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Rant Anonymously about the Leaving Cert

It's good to talk. That's what we're told. It's good for our mental health and also good to share knowledge and views on various...

I’m gonna start off with a little rant

I'm new to this site. I'm gonna start off with a little rant. Lads, I actually have no motivation whatsoever. Like, I WANT to do...

An Méid Obair!

Midway through November now, I think we're all still alive, but I must say the amount of work we get is incredible, For once...

Cian is ainm dom

First off, I'll Introduce myself. My name is Cian and I'm sitting the leaving cert this year. I have no idea yet what I...

Just a few days..!

Just a few days till mid-term! Three to be exact. I would say that everyone needs a break after our first few weeks back. The...

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