10 Day Countdown to Leaving Cert. Results 2011

It’s getting close. Will it be good news? Will it be disappointing? Who knows. There’s no point in wondering too much about it yet. You can’t do anything to change the outcome. At least it’s all over, the exams, and most of the pressure is off. I know that for myself at least this has been a very disappointing year so far, school-wise. I wasted all of my time with UCAS, one interview but no offers, I didn’t get on the Maths Olympiad team and I already know that I can’t get my first preference CAO choice. But I’m still Optimistic about the results. I know that I have done well, maybe not 600 points well, but surely enough to do Medicine, seeing as I got 178 in the Hpat.

Anyway, it’s been a busy summer and I haven’t had that much time to blog, on this site. Instead I started my own new blog http://mthanrahan.blogspot.com which deals with a lot of student topics. I plan to carry this onwards into third level. I feel like I’ve been a bit distant on this site and haven’t really followed the crowd in my blog posts,. e.g. I never disclosed my CAO list like the others. My new blog is going to be a bit more personal, but I won’t write any useless dribble that doesn’t help the reader or offer some kind of advice or opinion.

So go see my new Blog for the 10 Day Results Countdown 2011 – mthanrahan.blogspot.com

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