3 days and counting

Three days and counting. Its a bank holiday weekend, the sun is splitting the rocks and all I feel like doing is heading out to a beer garden and enjoying a cold pint of cider. Perhaps the leaving cert should be in winter, which would make it a lot easier to study.

With little or no study done at all, I now sit here and contemplate while enjoying a hot mug of tea. Had I been more motivated or caring, would I have done more study?. And for some reason I doubt it. I have never really agreed with the schools system, which resulted in a a rather negative approach to school. School for me, at this stage, has turned into some form of G.A.A sport for me. I want nothing to do with it. Right now I just want it all behind me, so that I can move on with my life, regardless of the outcome. And if I don’t get my course, than so be it. Its never the end of the road. Never.

Its hard to know what to say at this point. But all this worrying and stress aside, not that I seem to be haunted by either, I have to say that I had the best fun of school in this year. Sitting by the lake, enjoying the sun, taking photographs and enjoying the company of school friends.

Time to finish up this mug of tea and head into the real world. Leaving cert in three days.

Shall we?

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