34 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes, 14 seconds

Have to love having a countdown to the Leaving as your homepage.. Well, it makes a difference from having Facebook there, I’m trying to minimize distractions! Clearly it doesn’t work, since I have a CSI marathon on, with Skype, MSN & FB chat open. Yeah, I really don’t want to study. After a night of cramming for LCVP, I signed outta school today and collapsed into bed. I don’t really know why I stayed up, seeing as a Distinction is quite hard to get, plus I may not count it for points at all. ( I got a Distinction in the mocks & didn’t count it) but I think it’s about just wanting to do well! Wasn’t too bad anyway, though was it just me, or was it kinda different to past papers? Could only do four long questions to be honest (Q1, 3, 5, 6) but AV was handy though, so optimistic overall 🙂

So really, it’s been.. A while. A lot has happened, so should probably get typing! Mocks went pretty well, stressed slightly over it but got better results than I expected. A1 in Biology, A2 in Geography & English, B1 in German & Home Ec, B3 in Irish & Home Ec, and then.. D1 in Ap Maths. Spot the odd one out! But it added up to 525, which is encouraging! Also, orals. Irish went brilliantly. Not saying I got an A or anything, but I like Irish oral. It’s much stronger than my written/aural skills, and I feel like it went a lot better than my mock one. The examiner was an absolute pet, though I’d heard that he was barely letting people talk & interrupting them, but I badly needed to do well, so I was like HELL NO! I almost ended up shouting at him, but he commented at the end that it was a nice conversation & he didn’t feel a need to talk, which I think is positive. Ironically, I find German oral much harder, though my written & aural is loads better. My Irish accent is just so strong that I cannot do a German one at all! General conversation was awful, she wouldn’t let me direct the conversation & I started panicking and gave stupid answers, like “I chatted with my sisters in Spain. We went for walks. I ate Irish food.”  But thankfully, the Picture Sequence was Ruhestorung, and it went well. Roleplay was the passport one, which isn’t too bad. So hopefully my A1 is still achievable!

Easter study.. Well it was up-and-down. It started off so well, I was doing my school timetable for study, then in the evening I did the work teachers gave us. But it’s quite hard to study when your family goes away and leaves you with a free house for five days.. Cue panicked finishing off essays & doing all those ‘little things’ that end up taking so much time last Sunday & Monday! I’d already forgotten what school was like, & I find myself sitting in classes when teachers start talking about how much we need to get done, or complain about people missing school, etc, just thinking about what I could be getting done at home! But I know that’s not a good idea, especially when ‘m not finished some courses & could really use the revision. So I’ll hang in there! Well, I plan on trying to get a couple of Ap Maths qs done before I switch over to LAw & Order SVU (I work best at night) so I better head.

Bye! 🙂

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