[Jeeez I look scary there] Orals, eh? My Irish one is on Wednesday I think, although in fact I haven’t thought much about it. Oops. I spent many a summer at that fabulous wonder that is a Gaeltacht and so I’m hoping that, and a bit of last minute preparation, will get me a good oral. To be fair I did start preparing for it a few months back so I do have notes and the likes ready. My year have been told that we’re having the same examiner as last year and she was simply lovely so that’s something anyway. It’s strange to think that the oral is worth 25% of the result of our 14 years learning Irish, and most students give it a month or two’s preparation. Splendid. I suppose that’s just another blip in the mess that is our education system.

Now that the CAO form is out of the way I’m guessing that course choices are out of most people’s minds…but not mine! All the way back in September I had decided on doing a Journalism degree in UL, and had never been so sure on anything. My how that has changed. Journalism is still my “goal” or whatever, but I think I’m going to go about it a different way, by getting a more general and less vocational degree first, and then pursuing a masters in Journalism. (Thanks Cian.) The more I think about this the more sense it makes, but knowing me I’ll change my mind ten times before I actually have to decide. My own casual flippancy never ceases to amaze me.

On brighter matters, it’s SUNNY today! Two weeks ago it was snowing and now it’s sunny, but I’m not complaining. Perhaps I’ll be complaining in June when everyone else is marauding around in swimwear and we’re all stuck in some stuffy exam hall. Ahh the joys of the leaving cert. It’s almost over though, we have about 7 school weeks left. Seven weeks is an awfully short time, and I really like the sound of that. Summer plans, anybody?

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