74 days and whole lot of sleepless nights

Apologies for my prolonged absence! Don’t really have much of an excuse but on to the topic at hand…

in just  74 days most of us are gonna be finished our last exam and it will actually be safe to say it’s summer.This I suppose is the point where the leaving cert stops being a marathon and turns into a sprint. scary stuff,eh? I know I’m having nightmares.(seriously,if i have a dream where I arrive at my chemistry exam without a calculator again I think I might go insane!) It’s pretty freaky to think that the Monday I go back to school my biology class will be revising plant reproduction and then that’s it,we won’t be doing it again before the leaving cert, and here I was thinking we had loads of time.Although it’s several million times freakier to think that I have my oral at some stage that same monday.An oral which I am,for want of a more eloquent expression,shit scared about! Like HOLY SHIT,this actually matters. Up to now I’ve been kinda pissing my time away doing sweet eff all and now the exams are practicly upon us and I am entirely unprepared.ENTIRELY SO!

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to study and it’s been a great two weeks of failing that and opting to have fun instead. With one weekend left till my irish oral though I have managed to learn exactly FOUR nathanna caintes and an itty bitty tiny bit of the tuiseal ginneadeach.My only hope is that I already know enough gaeilge to get me through the exam,though I’m not entirely sure I do. Any time I try to have a mock exam I get through talking about school,family and college before I get distracted by something or other.Usually the insolent junior cert whom I am doomed to share a desk with just because our mother says we’re related. As for french well I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen avec ca par ce que je n’ai fais rien malgré le fait que mon proffesseur est francais! Why oh why did the easter holidays have to be right before the orals?? oh well though,at least I had fun celebrating the death of jesus or whatever it is we’re supposed to do over easter.

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i’m not gonna do well in the orals,I’m just hoping I can make up for it in the actual exams. I managed to get 500 points in the pres with about a week and a half of seriously obsessive studying so I’m just gonna have to see what I can do with the next seven weeks. Though I can see myself as the person staying up nights before exams clutching my pochahontas mug full of coffee and praying to the great spaghetti monster in the sky,oh and doing a little study too…probabley. Not that I’m recommending that to anyone or anything,it’s just where my laziness usually gets me. And on that note I better get back to trying to study and marveling at how easy the junior cert is in retrospect. Hope everyone else had a much more productive two weeks then me!


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4 thoughts on “74 days and whole lot of sleepless nights”

  1. I sure am,not so sure i’m gona get it though unless my hpat went exceptionally well,which I doubt it did since I thought it was deceptively easy which is usually a bad sign. how’d you get on with it?

  2. i cant say anything, some qs in sec one and two were hard. Sec 3 was easier than i thought it would be. Dont think i did very good tho.

    Im thinkin bout changing my courses on the cao. I havnt reli been studyin haha

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