My Version of Art History

What a precise paper!?

Just did the art history exam, was fair ennough I guess. Section 1, both Newgrange and the bronze age came up which was excellent. However, the questions were very precise and there was no room for waffle. For example we were asked about strictly about the carving and then we had to compare it other examples of pre-Christian art. No doubt I lost a few marks here. For section I was misfortunate. No pre-renaissance artists came up so I couldn’t do my well learned Giotto or Jan Van Eyck. I managed to scrape a few bits from the back of my mind on Donatello under the question on an “Equestrian sculpture” as seen in the image. My sketch of this piece look more like a dog and was jumping up rather than in it’s form as seen. I couldn’t help but write “apologies” beneath it. A few extra marks for sympathy maybe!

Section 3, appreciation of art was my best section. In this section I discussed a magazine cover which accompanied the exam paper. This was for me, no problem. I am used to the concepts of graphics design from playing around with web design for so many years.

Overall I am relatively happy. I know if I had put more effort into the European section I could have had more exam success but ah well… it’s now water over the bridge. Only 1 exam left now, that being music on Thursday. I’m really looking forward to a good weekend.


Discuss Art History in the forum? How did Biology go?

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