9 subject on the leaving cert – recipe for disaster

9 subjects? That’ll be easy right? Said no one ever. 22 individual exams/projects to do is no easy task let me tell you. Top that off with a lack of motivation so large that it will never go away is a recipe for disaster. And you know what the worst part is? I’m not worried at all. Sure it will hit me on the day, minutes before the exam starts I’ll have a minor panic attack thinking “why didn’t I study?” or “why didn’t I work at all?” or even “well you’re screwed now aren’t ya”. The course that I want to get into is less than 300 points, which is easy enough to get with a little bit of work. I think what the worst part is is that I am reasonably alright performance wise in most subjects. I’ve never had a problem barely passing any test i didn’t study for bar maths (which I have dropped down to ordinary since the mock exams). DCG and geography I could easily get a H3 in without any study, Art, Physics, English and French a H4 or H5, and irish, LCVP I think I’ll get a distinction (the exam was last week) and Maths and Irish an O2 or O3 . If I get these results with the course requirements in mind that comes to 388 points. I think that this shows how much effort I put into not having to put in effort, if that makes sense. I’m writing this instead of doing my art preparatory drawing for my exam next week. I can’t seem to find a way to motivate myself to study for these exams and at this point I don’t think I ever will. Anyway this was just a little rant, I hope anyone reading this is not in the same boat as me, because it’s not that great lets be honest. Good luck to everyone facing exams in the coming weeks and in the wise words of the students of West High “We’re all in this together!!”.

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