A first post

Wow. A blank space to write on and absolutely nothing to write about…

I guess I should start by saying hi. Hi =)

My name is Olen and I come from Philippines (btw, there is actually a country called Philippines. I did not just make it up.) In 2004, I collected my ridiculously heavy suitcase from the revolving suitcase-collector-thing at Dublin airport and got into a taxi. I was jet-lagged, I was exhausted, and I had absolutely no idea that in five short years, I would be be having heart palpitations at the mere thought of sitting the leaving cert in June 09.

Last September, I became a naturalized citizen, of Procrasti-Nation. And with that, I of course had to stop myself from doing any work that could remotely be considered studying. This ritual of abstention lasts only for a week. In theory, at least.

I had become so used to this “work ethic” that this morning, I actually exercised, when I should have been hunched up in a corner somewhere, with a biology book in one hand and a rosary on the other, willing myself to learn the Krebs cycle. Which just sound like an STD, by the way.

I’ll do better tomorrow. I hope. Otherwise, I will send myself to rehab.

p.s. just like the other bloggers, Elizabeth and Jane (wow, Pride and Prejudice much?), I’m also crossing my fingers for medicine.

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10 thoughts on “A first post”

  1. Hello, Olen. I guess it shows how far out of the loop I am that I can’t remember what the Krebs cycle is supposed to be.

  2. Jennie isn’t a very Pride and Prejudice name though :p I suppose Jennifer is!

    Welcome Olen and good luck!

  3. I did make mild reference to it in my first post!

    “…my course of choice- which is medicine. I hear it’s not very nice but a spoonful of sugar helps.”
    This is, however, all I’ve said on the subject. It’s alright, Jennifer forgives you.

  4. (to candy) sorry i just saw this right now.. um yea we were taught english since, like, play school.. and I watch a LOT of tv πŸ˜‰

    (to the artist formerly known as πŸ™‚ ) yea i actually still can understand it.. but i probably sound ridiculous when I speak in Tagalog =)

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