A Lack of Patience…

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Three weeks til midterm…four weeks til pre’s…eight weeks til the orals…twenty something til the leaving. The countdowns continue.

Countdowns are all I have these days, cause I’m getting oh so sick of school! Usually my tolerance is much lower but I have finally snapped. I’ve had enough. I’m finished! We’ve got about four months of actual school left though, so it’s not looking too bad. As for that old gem, “Enjoy your school days, they’re the best days of your life!” Life after school will have to be fairly crap for that to be proven true, in my opinion at least.

This seems to be as good an outlet as any so I’m going to continue with the ranting. Does anyone else think that teachers should have some kind of psychotic assessment before being given a job? If I may borrow a quote from Henry Brooks Adams, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. That being said, what if the teacher is a bad influence? Teachers are meant to inspire and encourage…but I find more and more that teachers are bitter, cynical creatures who do nothing but discourage and irritate pupils. It’s most disheartening. Of course I don’t mean to generalise, there are that special few out there who truly enjoy teaching their subject, and fair dues to them, but that other breed…it’s soul killing stuff.

This is the last rant I swear. But does ANYONE else see that the vast majority of these revision days and courses that are currently being shoved in our faces are money spinning rip offs? I think that paying sixty quid to sit in some lecture hall for three hours with four hundred other kids is blasphemy. Sure you might remember one or two facts from the day, but surely three hours of study in the comfort of ones own home would be much more beneficial? Not to mention free of charge. If you have an idiot for a teacher then fair enough some help is needed…but for gods sake, get a few grinds! I’ll stop talking about this now cause anyone who cares has gotten the point and those who don’t have already been distracted by something shiny and less neurotic.

If I may be so bold as to blatantly advertise, for those with an incompetent French or Irish teacher who’s a little worried about the orals then I recommend the Shortcuts to Success Oral books. As I don’t do German, Spanish or any other language I can’t help you there, but all in all those books are great.

Later, Grace x

7 thoughts on “A Lack of Patience…”

  1. Yeah, I think those seminars are absolute crap. I’m not going to any. Might check out those oral books though, seeing as I need to learn French in eight weeks…

  2. oh i totally feel ur pain grace. i have an awful art teacher. oh and i have those books too they are super! and im sure you have really great friends to make school worth while =)
    oh and those books are great, i think my favourite french word is pamplemousse! thanks for the encouragement! slán xxx

  3. Good luck with that Eamonn! The books are about 9/10 quid each and well worth it.

    Fíona I have the most fantastic friends in school! I dunno if worthwhile is the best word but bearable is certainly applicable. Your art teacher is a . . . . yeah.

  4. Having done the leaving and gone to several of these seminars including study notes for subjects and these silly study skills ones, I can say they were not for me, a complete waste of money, time and travel.
    As for the books, they are certainly great!

  5. I’m glad you agree Colin! They’re exploiting a ‘vulnerable’ market. Don’t go people!

    And yup the books are great (and you can sell them on when you’re finished with them).

  6. I’d have to agree. I done the easter revision courses in Limerick. And I have to say, I never wasted as much time. Although that was due to my mentality of going in there to have a good time.

    I had tons of notes. I think i had more notes than the average two students put together, having gone to a private school for 9 months and then switching back to my old school. Along with having done the revision course. Shame i never used any of the notes tho!

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