A Male Opinion

So welcome back to school, blah, blah, blah….. I’m sure your sick of hearing it by now. So instead of saying why I love/ hate September how about we kick up some old debates while they’re still topical.

In case you haven’t noticed I’m one of very few boys on this years blogging team which makes me wonder “Are girls smater than boys??”. Certainly the Leaving Cert. results seem to point that way. Yet society still hasn’t adjusted to the notion that females may be the smarter gender………. at least male society hasn’t. We’ve tried to fight back by taking back some of the places for Medicine with the relatively new HPAT system, which favours the men, but overall we’re still losing.

Then again maybe girls are just better at tests, maybe they’re better prepared or maybe they just care a lot more about the Leaving Cert than the average boy. Another idea may be that they are just too ambitious. Ask any girl what they what to study after school, in general they’re going to say teaching, nursing, medicine or some kind of science. Rarely you’ll hear architecture, accountancy or economics. And because of these ambitions they need to get better grades, for example this year you needed 450 points to be a nurse while you only needed 330 to study economics (at UL).

Personally I’m not threatened by the statisics, they can’t affect my performance. All I want is a level playing field where all students are seen without prejudice. Is it always going to be the view that Girls can’t do Maths and Boys suck at Biology? I hope not. I like biology.

Then again we are just bloggers, we don’t have to be smart. Which leads me to another question “Is our standard of English really that bad?”


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