A Nice, Flying Kick to the Jaw.

There are less that 100 days left until the big LC begins.
Less than 100.
Does anybody else knows what this means? This means, I’ve been procrastinating for far too long and now it’s time to put my study cap on and get down to some serious work.

I started my mocks yesterday, so at this stage I’ve got the two Maths papers and the two English papers completed, both of which I made a complete mess of.
As with all English essays I’ve ever written, my essay was about sex and drugs. I think (or rather, I know) I have problems, but all my essays end up in a rant about sex and drugs. In this instance, it was about the fact that the media portrays young people as being sex-crazed, substance abusing scoundrels even though we are, in fact, not. Apparently. Oh God, it was hideous, I’d love to see the corrector’s face when he/ she reads that! Also, I used Othello quotes in my Macbeth essay. Again. Foolish Jennie.
Maths was a resounding disaster. What I revised was perfect- trigonometry and complex numbers for example. What I did not revise, i.e., nearly everything else, was disgusting. Probability will be the death of me. Eugh, shudder, etc.

So basically, I’m not putting in enough work.
Late night cramming, early morning cramming, long term dossing.
Thus far, the mocks have been a nice flying kick to the jaw. What does General Vision and Viewpoint even involve? What exactly happens in Macbeth? How the hell do you derive the volume of a cone? So many questions, so little time.
I think I definitely needed this kick/ slap/ punch.
Sure, I spent most of last week in the library/ in supervised midterm study (seriously), but most of that was spent ineffectively. Five hours went to an Irish essay, for example. If the “cúlú eacnamaíocht” doesn’t show up in some shape on the mock I swear to God I will KILL someone.
Speaking of Irish mocks, I have my two papers tomorrow.
Less blogging, more cramming.

I’ll update again soon. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “A Nice, Flying Kick to the Jaw.”

  1. A nice flying kick? A kick/ slap/ punch? I’m lovin all the fightin references. Maybe not so much slapping, but flying kick, thumbs up 😀
    Good luck with the rest of the mocks!!

  2. Haha, why yes. I’m not very well informed on all these fighting references to be honest! Did I use that in its correct context? I’m always banging on about flying kicks to the jaw… without actually thinking of… flying kicks to the eh, jaw. It even sounds stupid in my head.

    Anyway, thanks! I’ve only 2 left now! AND I still haven’t cheated. pride*

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