A Sincere Apology and a First Post

”Rainbows apologise for rainy skies.”

To start off, I must apologize for not writing sooner. That sounds like the first line of every letter I wrote to my American pen-pal, before our postal correspondence fizzled out three years ago. Not the point. Following the button on the internet box button breaking, and listening to a total of seven hours (between the household) of, ”all of our agents are currently on call; please hold and your call will be answered in rotation” a new internet box arrived. A day later, a big bad virus downloaded onto the computer, which I have repeatedly insisted I had nothing to do with –  however, the family still blames me. We only got the computer part of the computer (as you can see, I don’t have the technical words ”down”) back today, ”fully functioning and 100% in good health” we were told. Let’s see how long that lasts for. Enough excuses. Now, I ask you to accept my most sincere apology for not assuming my blogging role sooner.

In the entry I submitted for a position as a blogger, I came across as a bit of a study-aholic, one of those people you see with a biology book first thing in the morning and begging the study supervisor for ”just five more minutes, please” at the end of the day. I could now deny this and try to convince you that I really am the most super-cool, laid-back person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. But I won’t. I stand proud with a geometry set in one hand and a Fench vocabulary copy in the other. That’s a little bit about me, for now. As The Terminator, I think, said, I will be back. I’ll write soon, I promise. Coincidentally, that is how my letters always ended.

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