A week of fun was actually possible?

But I have a feeling next week won’t be quite as fun, when it’s revealed that I have approximately NO work done. Actually that’s a lie. So far, I’ve done one exam question for maths. And I really don’t know WHERE the time went. it all just disappeared.. I decided to listen to my Biology teacher’s advice & give myself the weekend off. My problem was, I didn’t start studying Tuesday. Instead, I painted my room & went to my cousin’s for an Inbetweeners/Paranormal Activity marathon. Worth it 😀 And when I got home Wednesday, I was cleaning up and stuff. Today I managed to do that one question, but then I had to go to the dentist. So tomorrow, looks like myself & the books have a date.

I’m not too worried – I know I will actually get the work done. I’ll probably spend the next three days inside, but I know I brought it on myself, and I work better under pressure! Anyone else ‘forget’ to study? I’m hiping this might actually be the wake up call I need to shock myself into more work!

I have to say though, I was pretty happy with my midterm tests. Even Irish.. We had an exam question on Sasana in A Thig Ná Tit Orm, and I wrote out the exact essay our test was on – So I’m confident that went well! I’m starting to like the novel, the start wasn’t that great, but it’s become fairly interesting! We weren’t given a choice, but we’ve been told that A Thig Ná Tit Orm usually gets better marks than An Triail, which is the other option in our school. We have the poems & stories done, so it’s just finishing the novel & Stair Na Gaeilge left, then after Christmas, straight oral work! Sounds fun, non?

I probably shouldn’t be writing a blog now, but I’m improving my procrastination skills. I’ll do the work tomorrow 🙂

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