A week off? Not in 6th year.

Well it has been a little while since my last blog! My biology techer was infact correct when she said you don’t get any ”time off” in 6th year mid-term was coming and I said ”oh yeah lovely, a week off school” I was wrong the work has been piled on so I am splitting it up over the next few days to fit in some study time as well.

Time is going extremely quickly nearly christmas and after that it will be the pres, people in school are starting to get a small bit annoyed at my leaving cert count down, every day I announce how many months and days it is until the leaving cert and if I had my school diary at hand I would announce the exact time until the exams my mind informs me that it is 7 months and 8 days but that could be wrong.

How are everyone’s preparations going for the big summer exams? I thought mine were going well but I need to put in that little bit effort for my exams I need a C1 in higher level biology or English for my course in the U.K or 440 points to do it in Ireland so time to crack down is now. Alot of leaving certs from last year are saying ”don’t study, we didn’t” but we all know that they did study and they are only saying that because they are in college doing their thing and my opinion is alot of work needs to be done. I know alot of people that are taking school life from a half arsed approach and in all of the little school tests they are doing very well and that annoys me because you might not do as well and they give you a smug attitude about the fact that you worked hard to get that smaller grade but I am trying to keep my mind set that I will do better in the leaving cert but it is hard to keep happy about the amount of work you are doing and not getting great grades. Oh well lets just hope and pray (even though I have nothing to pray to =D).

Until next time peeps. Hope you all have a great mid term.

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