Advent calendars at the ready, it’s 4 weeks till christmas

So ive just finished 3 hours worth of  homework and as my school was nearly the only school in the Cavan area not to be closed and as my school resembled the arctic today im not a fan of this snow. Another reason why i hate this snow is because i was supposed to have thursday off (staff training day) i was looking forward to having the day off and then today we were informed ”’due to the bad weather the staff training day is called off ”’. Needless to say im not the happiest of people at the moment.

Another bombshell that was announced today is that our school is (for the first time ever )is having   PRE-PRES in 3 weeks . like a bit of notice lads wouldnt go a miss hi. like i dont know if they have them in other schools but there is no way i will be able to cover all my subjects and notes at this stage .I just might have to pick a few subjects to study and try and muddle through the rest. Like ive never heard of pre-pres before i tought the teacher was messing and when i expressed my view that these exams where a waste of our time.Well the look she gave me (good thing looks dont kill ) because if they did i wouldnt have to worry about pre-pres.

Another thing that i have to do before christmas is the first draft of my history project has to be handed up and i havent finished my all my research  yet and dont even know  what the layout is going to be and i have just over  3weeks to do it. Yeah something tells me my teacher wont be getting my project anytime this side of christmas. i just have too much on the minute.

And on a more positive note last week our whole year got a talk in the school hall and we all tought i was guna be one of those  boring talks about how to study and so on …we couldnt of been more wrong. this man had the coolest job ever he was an explorer ( i wonder is there a college course for that). well anyways he was telling us about him climbing mount Kilimanjaro and he just turns around and says im looking for 25 students from your year to climb it with me. needless to say i tought he was joking. but he wasent.well i jumped at the idea. like its not every day you get an opportunity to  climb mount kilimanjaro.the one thing is i wonder will it distract me from my leaving cert as it would be straight after i finish my exams and another thing is i have to raise over 3000 euro and do a 12week fitness im considering my options at the moment.

chat to yas soon lads, cian 🙂

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