Agus Sin Sin…

It is so liberating to finally be free of irish,after the exam I felt like I was a cloud or something = ] but anyway…..

The paper was definitely fair,no real surprises except the odd absence of either fhiannaíocht or ruraíocht from stair na gaeilge but besides that there was nothing to compare with the whole boland fiasco..

Prós ainmnithe was ceart go leor, question on lá buí bealtaine kinda passed me by since I thought meon meant outlook/mindset only to be informed aterwards that it infact means spirit,hopefully my waffly answer about dramatic techniques and senilty etc.etc. will suffice anyway. Character question on fiche blian ag fás was what I was hoping for sine all my notes seem to centre around the teo boyos and their growing up rather then the shananigans themselves or whatever else they usually ask about.

For Ceist 2 my school does ‘a thig ná tit orm’ for dírbheathaisnéisí and that question was again, exactly what i’d hoped for. It was actually like 3 questions roled into one happy little bundle which gave me LOADS to write,well 4 and a bit A4s. Getting asked about saol oibre AND saol soisialta AND coimhlint chiníoch was crazy! the only problem is you had to do them all so i’m guessing that caught some people..? The question on music was far too specific for my likings anyway so luckily i had a good bit for the three in the other question.

Ceist 3 was easy as per usual. I did Níl aon Ní rather then jack because I am a pro at bullshitting when it comes to íomhanna so I was sorted on that one. Question on faoiseamh a gheobhadsa was about as straightforward as it gets too. Two aspects of his life he explores, I think I went a bit waffly here again and went a bit overboard discussing íomhanna but i’ll leave it to the examiner to wade through and sort the relevant from the crap I just made up = ]

Honours poetry could not have been better had i been hiding a sample answer on an chéad dráma in the bathroom! An chéad dráma is definitely the poem my class had done the most work on,and i suddenly see why. Questions weren’t too bad either,I wasn’t really sure what (i) was asking us to write about but I got a fairly long and ‘sounded-like-i-knew-what-i-was-talking-about’ answer out of it anyway.

When I saw the stair first I nearly uttered a very unladylike profanity since I’d studied quite a large amount of utterly useless information only to discover that the only thing that i’d even  looked at that was on the paper was na phríomhchanúintí, and I hadn’t even studied that really I just had a slight idea of it. Thankfully good old cearrbhach mac cabha came to the rescue and I realised that I’d studied the traits of Béaloidis for that and an mathair so I was able to write three reasonable enough points on that. For the dialects I just rambled on about the ways of saying how are you and pronunciation and started quoting from ‘a thig ná tit orm’,not my finest answer but it was better then nothing.

Overall between the two papers i’d say I got a nicely rounded B or perhaps I MAY have scraped a low A with my oral,I’m cautiously optimistic anyway..

Well I best go study for french and….history = [ = [ = […..

Bonne chance to anyway who has fench tomorrow and to anyone doing history..well may god help us all!

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  1. I ended up leaving out the 25m prós question, because (a) I didn’t know anything about Clare sa Spéir other than the fact I had seen it once and it was about a woman in a tree and (b) I couldn’t make out what exactly they were asking me for in the Cearrabach (spelt wrong, Irish has left the head already!!) -anyone else find that question was full of hard, long words? So left with the choice of attempting it and wasting god knows how many minutes, for which I would receive 0 marks if I didn’t answer correctly, I left it and got out early, yayayay!!!

    I too was caught with the Stáir, I did Meath Na Gaeilge and also the Padraig Pearse question because I remembered stuff about him from history! If they’re kind that’s 75% for that question, but I doubt I gave enough info…

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m dreading it even though I like the subjects….god only knows what stuff they’ll ask though… 🙁

  2. I left my ‘An Triail’ question til last… got 2 and half pages of utter séafóid, a lotta waffle basically. I think the maple syrup and cream to top it off could be counted in the saccharine declaration of my love and appreciation of Mairéad Ní Ghrada and her “cumas inchreidte” to create such hypocritical characters(?)
    …Yeah, it still doesn’t really make sense in my head either 🙁

    Apart from that, generally happy with Irish Paper 2, have a day off tomorrow as well, so I’m going to get in some quality study time…. of Oprah Winfrey and other daytime TV hosts that is 🙂

    1. Hell yeah to that Orla. Before diving into French I chilled out with some Sky+ to get the blood pressure down. Glad Irish went so well for you Annah… B to A, my God! Would you like me to kill someone for you? We can swap exam numbers. Seriously, there’s got to be somebody…maybe I can track down the people behind Maths Paper 1?
      Good luck with French & History!

  3. @Evie..Ná bí buartha,I know someone who did the leaving last year and she didn’t do half the prós ainmnithe or any stair na gaeilge and she managed to get an A2 so Hope is not lost! And being finished with time to spare is not necessarily a bad thing,I got plenty written and I had like 40 minutes left at the end to check over it and add in bits here and there so don’t be too worried about that,and let’s just both hope that they are very very nice in the marking of stair this year..

    @Orla- Darn you and you’re day off!! At least I only have two exams left after 2moro though..Glad paper 2 went well for you and hopefully the irish examiners will go the way of the english ones this year and reward length,then you’ll get extra marks for writing so much on an triail! OPrah?? nah…I could really use some jeremy kyle right about now….= ]

    @ monsieur X – I have kind of forgiven those responsible for maths 1 based on the nature of paper 2 and I think there would be something of a gender issue if we swapped numbers since i’m guessing no parent would really be mean enough to name a boy Annabelle! Oh and I forgot to say this when I was commenting on your blog but don’t give up hope for medicine! We still have the glorious hpat = ]

  4. Ya well all i can say is that im delighted to be finished Irish, never have to listen to it, speak it or write it again if i dont want to, Sweeeet 🙂 On a completely unrelated note does anyone know when HPAT results are out??

  5. It sure is,they won’t give them out any other way “to protect the privacy of candidates” or something along those lines.

  6. Awh brilliant thanks a mil. Its great they way we have a few days to change our CAO if we have to. Thanks again. 🙂

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