An Ode to Lisa Ryan

Well I thought it was about time I wrote my last blog post, since we’re going to be booted off any day now to make way for the next batch of helpless leaving certs.

Despite promising myself weeks ago that I would check my results online (so as not to return to that awful place I’m so glad to be rid of), last Wednesday found me making that familiar trip into school. I’m glad I did to be honest, there’s something more concrete in collecting an envelope bearing such news rather than viewing it online. I was pretty much delighted/relieved/completely overwhelmed when I read my results, which guaranteed me a place in Arts at UCD. Why UCD you might ask? Am I not from Cork? Indeed I am, but why ever not I say.

I’m still not positive on my subject choices within Arts, with the prospect of journalism in mind I’m torn between English and Politics which, cheers karma, clash. Oh well. So now I’m off looking for accommodation and the likes, which is rather exciting albeit terribly confusing. How about everyone else? Where will you find yourself come September/October?

I do hope everyone was happy with their results. Last week I was inundated with people who wanted to know how I’d done, apparently a simple “I was really happy with my results, thanks!” doesn’t suffice. It drives people crazy. “But what did you GET?!” I never was one to divulge useless information.

So good luck everyone! And may the road ahead be paved with success and bunny rabbits and blah blah blah.

Slรกn leat,

14 thoughts on “An Ode to Lisa Ryan”

  1. “But what did you GET?!” – so true. A wry smile and a “I’m happy” just doesn’t suffice these days.

    Seeing as you’re one of the UCD gang I’ll probably make a point of never talking to you or contacting you in any way, ever, so good luck with your life and stuff ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. “Hooligan” Murphy is my best friend.
    Someday she will marry Brandon Flowers, I shall be bridesmaid and then she will leave Brandon for Lily Allen. And I shall be bridesmaid again.

    UCD does not deserve her! She is too good for all known worldy places. (Even Kildare)

  3. Oh I shall find you Liam. Ha. Ha. HAHAHAAHA


    I love you too Lisa, and can’t wait to settle down with Brandon. At least when I leave him for Lily he can return to his first wife and two kids…

  4. I just noticed that I wished everyone “good look” in this post.


    Brandon for everyone? If only …

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