And all of a sudden, it was May.

I’m sorry for my big break in posting there, I was tremendously busy these past few weeks with orals and practicals and history projects and getting mildly obsessed with the new Doctor Who and…wait, where was I? Oh yes.

Orals went well, I think. My year had heard some horror stories from the repeats – their French examiner was pregnant, hormonal and had some sort of personal vendetta against every French student in the school. So when a tiny, wispy haired little pink marshmallow of a woman walked in to the library to give us the “Don’t be worried! Yeer GRAND” talk the whole year breathed a collective sigh of relief. She lived up to her nice little-old-lady image, thank God – she handled my “Colin Firth!” reaction when she asked if I’d seen the Pride and Prejudice film quite beautifully.
Irish was better, which was bothersome considering I prefer French. Even so, I got lost a little and didn’t articulate myself to the best of my ability (“Ahm, deanann an, umm…”) but I was more composed and together than in French.
Practicals were fine although my voice was a little wrecked by the time I got to my 6th song and I let out a few horrible squeaks, much to my distress. I agonised over those squeaks, my gappy Irish and my mumbled French for a couple of days, running through every second I could remember both in my own head and to anyone around who would listen, until I had to be reminded that the orals and practicals are OVER, FINITO. YAY!

Last Thursday saw me handing up dear old Harvey Milk for the last time and finally finishing the harrowing ordeal that is writing the Extended Essay. Now that was a relief. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I’d be able to write a 2,000 word essay, let alone the required 1,500, yet I managed to shoot over and above what was needed and paid for it dearly in editing. Editing isn’t fun, especially when you think everything is necessary. Eventually I got the thing down to about 1540 words, still over the target but it’ll have to do. One piece of advice I will give any 5th year History student out there: Please choose something you are interested in and want to learn about for the RSR, or you’ll just drive yourself absolutely nuts. Take it from me – I went half-crazy and I actually liked, nay, loved my project.

So that just about brings you up to speed on what’s going on chez Valerie at the moment. I have my Art (Craftwork, life-drawing etc.) next week. I’m playing it safe and doing a poster, considering my modelling went horribly in the mock. At least I’ll leave the art room with something that looks like a finished product, as opposed to a damp grey lump of clay that you have to mind like a little baby in case anyone touches it and it’s trunk/arm/head gets squashed or falls off. (Clearly, I hate clay.) I haven’t done much prep work for it yet, so that’s next on my long long to do list.

Sigh. I can’t believe it’s May. I keep saying it, but I hate how fast this year has gone. I don’t feel the slightest bit ready. When I think of the Leaving Cert as a whole, I start freaking out, yet when I think about it in terms of separate subjects it doesn’t seem so scary. I guess we all just have to keep doing that, taking it one day at a time, subject by subject. We’re GRAND. 🙂

Someone should write a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Leaving Cert. They’d make a killing.


14 thoughts on “And all of a sudden, it was May.”

  1. i know how you feel about handing up the history project! whattttt a relief.

    and art should be a laugh and a half. my exam’s on tuesday. good luck with yours, sunshine. x

  2. I know the feeling about editing too. My teacher kept saying it’s not a thesis your writing , and I ended up changing my aims like three times to cut down on the word count. But thank God its done and dusted now. Good luck in the Art next wk 🙂

  3. What did you guys do your projects on in the end? I made a rather humongous history post way back in January/February and a lot of people were still undecided!
    My aims were thankfully fairly straightforward, I just had no idea that every detail would be relevant in telling the story and I’m not elaborating here, EVERY SINGLE THING I had in my first draft was relevant. Ugh.

    Thanks, I’m planning for my Art now, I’m doing the Milan Fashion Week one 🙂 It’s a marvellous excuse for looking up pretty photos of clothes and stuff, all in the name of art!

  4. 16 days left in school.

    16 days left to don that highly attractive school uniform every morning.

    16 days of having the satisfaction of hearing the bell ring at 4pm.

    16 days of complaining about “the AUDACITY of first years”

    16 days of smelling the chemistry lab and imagining what would happen if you actually did drink some potassium permanganate.

    16 days of crazy, cramming, course-finishing frenzy.

    16 days and… our formal education is over forever!

    Sad, happy, indifferent? I dunno myself. :-/

  5. Haha we just all lied about our word count for the history project. I dread to think how long it actually is. I must say, my history is a pro at selecting random numbers….

  6. Haha Orla! Is it really only that long? God help us.
    What colour are yeer school uniforms? Ours are navy which isn’t too bad at all, i mo thuarim fein.

    I’m a bit indifferent at the mo, sry2say.

    Yeah I totally lied about my wordcount too, even though I did manage to get it down to about 70 over.
    All glory to talented random-number selectors.

  7. Oh lord, mine’s brown and yellow. Don’t say it 😛

    Apparently we’re called the Crunchies, it’s preferable to what it makes me think of anyway!!!!

    And really, first years really are brats! We were never like that when we were their age….we ALWAYS respected our elders 😉

    Well, I remember being terrified of the sixth years…they seemed miles away in sophistication….feels strange to be one.

  8. And my history project was a couple of words over the limit, too. It was just below it and I was so proud, but then we had to write a reflection at the end…damn.

  9. Brown and yellow – well that’s…different. Like Cadbury’s Caramel as well! Mmm.

    Yeah! The other day some first year pushed me in the line in the canteen! Fuckin PUSHED me!
    I was outraged. Swear to God, I would have absolutely died in first year if a sixth year so much as looked at me.

    Haha, stupid review. I think I started omitting prepositions and stuff after I got to about 1570 words, to keep bringing it down 🙂

    1. You’re lucky.. the first years in our school get the run of the place, utilising a smug condescending smirk that’d knock the patience of even the hardiest of 6th years.
      Brats. >:(

  10. We were really hyper today at lunch and were GLARED AT by T.Ys sitting outside the canteen!! Seriously!
    What state of affairs is it when T.Ys frown upon giddiness? It’s not like they have to do any exams or work…what would furrow their brows?! Believe me, I know-I was one once. It was a long time ago it seems 🙁

    I think I’ve reached the stage where giddiness will be my mood for the remainder of school. That phase, if I remember correctly from 3rd year, came after the OMG-I’m-Dead-Freakout phase. It’s a kind of acceptance of fate and a need to bypass the entire subject to survive. Though the J.C certainly wasn’t as bad as it seemed back then 🙂

    Fingers crossed. 🙂

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