Well it’s all done and dusted. It’s pretty hard to believe. I know it’s taken me far too long to get back here – Internet woes. Anyway, the results:

Irish          B3

English    B2

Maths       B1 (Ordinary)

French     B3

Geography A1

Biology       A2

Chemistry    D1

475 points. Initially I was absolutely gutted – especially with Chemistry. I mean, I knew the exam and the subject weren’t too great for me – but I was hopeful of at least the C3. I didn’t really want to talk to anyone about it. I really was just seriously disappointed and not just because of the missing out on Medicine but the results themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a good Leaving, but I can do a lot better and I didn’t get my course. With that, the decision to repeat came easily.

I got offered Science in Trinity. Tr071, the code is etched into my brain. I took a few days to mull it over and really the course looks tempting – it’s got subjects I’d like, seems interesting… but I know I’d only be doing it with a view to take a place on the GEP. So here I am, trying to find a copy of Hamlet to become my new BFF for the next few months.

In a way I suppose not having Internet access gave me time to think it all over before I blogged “I’m going out tonight and I might not come home” followed by “Perhaps Biomedical Science looks good after all?”, then “IT WENT UP?!”. Some of my friends are off on Induction Week and it’s starting to feel strange. They think I’m mad for repeating. My parents have been great, really supportive of going back. But I know I’m doing the right thing and in the coming months that is all that matters for all of us – that we do the course we want to for the right, fulfilling reasons, that we pursue PLCs that we lead us to where we want to be and that we go for job interviews for positions that will make us leap out of bed in the morning.

No regrets, that is why I am repeating. I could do worse, exactly the same or better and still not get Medicine this time 12 months. But then I can say I did everything I could and gave it my all. (Besides, 3rd time’s the charm right? JOKE.) Then there’s the long ways of graduate entry, mature student, maybe even the UK.

To those starting 6th Year this year: take it seriously. It’s harder than it’s ever been before to go to college. To those moving on, the best of everything- I hope you have an incredible college/PLC/career experience. To those going back, good luck!!

So, for maybe the last time, later everyone. Readers, fellow bloggers – we survived 🙂

Mr X

4 thoughts on “Anti-Climax”

  1. I know it’s tough going back when all your friends are off to college, and that everyone says this but it’s true, the year flies. And if you give it your all you can go up loads, I went up 100 points by repeating and I’ve heard several other success stories as well.
    Good luck with it anyway, hopefully you’ll be back this time next year relaying your own success story

  2. If you’re 100% sure you know what you want (and you seem to), then repeating is a smart decision. The reality is, you’re already further along that most in terms of personal development if you know what you want.

    Many will head on to college and drop out within the year… the stats show it. Up to 40% in some courses.

    Hell some even complete 4 years, come out with a degree and still don’t know what they want! You’re still young (ok, a couple of years older than most) but i really wouldn’t worry about it, not if you know this is what you want.

  3. I was really in the same boat as you this year. I aimed for medicine and got 525 points, with my HPAT it meant that I was down about 30 points which really sucked. I got offered Speech and Language Therapy in UCC and have been contemplating whether or not to repeat over the last week. This morning I made my decision ( 7 hours before the deadline) and I chose Speech an Language and I am very happy with my choice and am looking forwrd to college now. But I guess thats the way things go, you never know whats going to happen. Best of luck with repeating and I know from reading your blogs all year that you really want medicine so I know you will put your whole heart into it. Best of luck and thank you for some great reading.

  4. Well I was in the EXACT same situation as Niamh last year (offered my 3rd choice, Speech and Language Therapy) but did the opposite. I was 20 points off Med and decided to repeat. The year goes insanely quickly and you’ll find that subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Geography and French are much easier as you’ve studied the course already. From my experience, repeating was worth it as I improved my HPAT and exam results dramatically.

    Whatever your decision I’m sure it’ll work out. Thanks for blogging throughout the year and good luck with the year to come 🙂

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