Are We Grown Up Now?

If you’re on this site you’ve probably paid my blog a cursory interest at least. Figure you might be interested in what I got, in the end. As of 12pm noon today the results have been available over the internet. You just need to remember your PIN number, which took me like a goddamn hour to find. I was more relieved when I found the damn thing than when I saw my results. Which weren’t bad.

Ordinary Level
Gnáth Leibhéil
Higher Level
Ard Leibhéil
Ordinary Level
Gnáth Leibhéil
Higher Level
Ard Leibhéil
Ordinary Level
Gnáth Leibhéil
Higher Level
Ard Leibhéil
Higher Level
Ard Leibhéil

Totalling 405 in points. Slightly above average. Story of my life.

Funnily enough I was expecting to fall into the 320-360 range, so I did considerably better than I thought I would. So I’m happy enough. The A1 in english also provides me with some bragging rights (though for me it’s more of a “fuck off I got an A1 in english” in the holster if anyone gets more points than I and feels the need to express that sentiment)

I think most people got the same feeling as me. That “huh, did significantly better than I thought I would” feeling. See, I don’t think the Leaving is really about the results, in the end. And I think, for the same reason, the system has been kept the same all these years, despite the flaws. You see, every culture has what is known as a ‘rite of passage’, since the dawn of mankind. Something you have to accomplish, in order to prove your maturity and adulthood, which builds your character along the way. Something everyone goes through as a society. The Leaving Cert, I think, is the modern-day equivilent of bringing down a woolly mammoth and taking home its tusk, or hiking to the top of a sacred mountain and meditating for days without food.

The results are just a consideration. A minor point in the grand scheme of things. The important part is, we beat the Leaving Certificate.

Or I did, anyway. Sucks to be everyone who just failed everything. Day-um.

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  1. Well you did very well in the end! Am I alone in just waking up, wandering in and collecting my results – with he simple option of ‘got Arts’ and ‘didn’t get Arts’? Well done with the English.

  2. Well done on English, that’s *amazing*! 😀 I got a B1 which I was a little disapointed with as English was one of those ones where I really wanted an A – but anyone who complains about a B1 is just dreadful – so I’m happy enough 🙂

    Also big well done for history – you’d been a bit pissed off with the exam, had you not? I got (and I’m not trying to boast) an A1 and I honestly haven’t stopped smiling. I’m unbelievably happy with it! Shit exam though it is, I’m super pleased.


  3. fuck off, i got an a1 in english too….. haha! which i was not expecting! thought b1 max! i did much better than i thought i would, i’m delighted!

    well done to you! its all (finally!) over!

  4. I think they handed out A1’s to make up for the Paper 2 fiasco, cause I literally haven’t gotten over a B2 since 2nd year

  5. A very well done. Very impressive. And a great english result. Although it will be interestig to
    to see how everyone generally fares out after the fiasco.
    Go enjoy your night. Looking forwrd to hearig from you at cao time perhaps?

  6. Peter Hendrick

    Well done

    The leaving cert is a big big deal and its great that you’ve done better then you expected. Higher chemistry is no joke and above 400 points is a nice figure to fall into. All the best in your future. Do something you enjoy!

  7. Huh, I thought more of us would post our results. I’m just left here looking rather self-involved, aren’t I?

    The C1 in Irish really surprised me. I thought I barely passed at best…

  8. I really hope other people post all of theirs, I’m so curious!
    Not that it matters, but I got…
    (all higher)
    Maths C1 (seriously, seriously thought I’d failed)
    Chem B2 (pleased! D1 in the mocks)
    Eng B1 (bit disapointed, A2 in the mocks)
    Irish A1 (still shocked bout that…)
    History A1 (elated)
    Home Ec B1 (could have gotten an A, should have studied more)
    French A2 (pleased, but should have studied and gotten an A1)
    Italian A2 (super super happy, as I sort of taught myself :-D)

    Anyone else want to share??

  9. 550 points for Roisin. Damned impressive. I’d be intimidated, but, like, I kicked your ass in English 😛

    Which really is the only thing I’ve got going for me that’s in any way impressive.

  10. Thank you, Emerald, I was very pleased 😀

    So glad I’m not going for med though, as I’d no doubt be disapointed with 550 as I’d be thinking it wasn’t enough.

    You totally kicked my ass in English! But c’mon, it’s not even like the rest of your results are bad – B2s in history and biology are both great. Several of my friends (who are brilliant at history) got B2s or B3s – I think it wasn’t the best exam for a lot of people, and I was lucky in that what came up more or less suited me
    And, as we’ve all said, the exam itself is a complete joke anyway!

    Good luck with your offers 😀

  11. It’s finally utterly and completely finished with! Ah the relief. Virtual high five everyone, we made it!

    I’m extremely happy with mine… extremely shocked, as I never even considered the fact that I could possibly achieve these points, so extremely extremely EXTREMELY happy. 🙂

    550 points overall- A1 in English, French and Art; A2 in Home Ec.; B2 in Irish (the one little disappointment… I know B2 is a good result, not trying to be all bitchy and arrogant but Irish was my one of my favourites and I really thought A2) and History and then C2 in Maths, which I’m so delighted over! Just wanted to get the honour in Honours Maths, and I did it, I’m so proud.

    Good luck with offers everyone! Fingers crossed.

  12. Sadhbh – wow, amazing results there! 3 A1s :-O 😀 And I know they’re very hard to come by in art too.

    Well done 🙂


  13. Thank you! Yeah, Art was a such a shock, I’m still just amazed. The Art History exam was my last, and it was also the day after History (I came home from the History in an absolute state… how I actually managed a B2 is beyond me..) so my mind was a’wandering the whole way through the exam. I think my practical work pulled me through. Just for curiosity’s sake, I wonder what the stats are for A1s in Art? Hmmm. I heard that it was a ridiculously small percentage too, but I mean, I go to a tiny tiny school and there were two A1s, a few A2s and generally high grades in my class of 12? Conundrum…(or maybe not, as previously stated Maths is NOT one of my strong points 🙂 )

  14. Well done! I was shocked and disappointed at the reward for my hard work. I was stubborn and perhaps a bit cocky and went for 7 higher level courses and messed up in Maths and Chemistry, which means I can’t go to UCC (I need six passed not including LCVP). Here are my results (all higher level):
    Maths E (I should have done Pass, but was too proud)
    Irish D3 (Yay, this one I’m proud of)
    English D3 (Really shocked, normally A2- B2 range)
    German D1 (Yay, this one I’m proud of)
    Biology C2 (Shocked at that, normally A or B, in mocks I got an A2)
    Music C1 (Disappointing, A1 in the mocks, and my practical went well, imo)
    Chemistry E (Why, oh why did I take this stupid subject? Never mind higher level!)
    LCVP Merit
    I came away with 330 points, more than some of my friends, but while they are all expecting their offers next week I am ineligible for all my CAO choices because of failing Maths or only passing 5 subjects.

  15. Sadhbh, can’t find it again but there was this cool thing on the Irish Times website (I’m sure it’s in the paper too but I’m not in Ireland at the moment!) which had all the subjects and the % who got which grade, for both this and last year.

    Colm – sorry you’re results don’t reflect your hard work 🙁 I really feel for you cos I could so easily have been in the same boat as you with maths and chem – like you, I was stubborn and stuck with higher level. It paid off for me, but I reckon that was more to do with luck than ability. Seriously, thinking back over my maths paper I don’t know how I actually got all those marks… I still think there musta been some mistake!
    Shit one about English too – I think the results are quite odd for English, probably because of the whole cock up. I mean, I’ve heard of a fair few people getting A1s – but also plenty who got Cs and Ds but who would have always got higher.

    Are you going to repeat? If I’d failed maths, I would have taken a year off to work and that (while working on maths a bit), and done ordinary level then in June.

  16. All higher:

    Chem – A1
    Bio – A1
    Maths – A2 (shock of the century, always regarded it as my worst subject, was seriously considering doing OL because of the workload)
    French – A2
    Music – A2
    Irish – B1 (hate that subject, thought I might have gotten an A2 though)

    and, erm…. English. Emerald will be happy to know that I got a B1 in English. Damn.

  17. Woo, bested Liam. In a sense.

    Quite interested to hear how you did, Jennie. Beat last year’s utterly abysmal score?

  18. Liam – well done you 🙂
    If you’re going for med you’re in a brilliant place to do so with those A1s!

  19. well done guys! you all did so well…heres mine..

    English – A1 (sooo thrilled..not being big headed, but i sort of expected it)
    Irish – C2 (cant believe it! so happy!!…really wanted to drop to glad i didnt!!)
    Maths (OL) – C2 (meh…just happy i passed!!)
    History – C1 (did this subject on my own…so thrilled i passed!!)
    Home Ec – C2 ( could’ve got an A – should’ve studied)
    Geography – C1 (as above)
    Bio- D3 (very upset, usually a B2-B3)
    German – C3 ( thrilled!!)
    LCVP – Merit

    overall, very happy!! 420 points, more than enough for arts in UCD :D:D

  20. ha u fuckin feen D1 in chemestry,i bet a rhesus monkey could do better than that! By the way “rhesus monkeys” are fucking idiots…

  21. okay, you wanna know?? i have cystic fibrosis, missed most of 5th year and a lot of 6th…so i’m pretty happy with my result…..

    just thought i’d let you know, considering you asked…

  22. okayyy well im happy with my results since i didnt do a tap so im still in shock

    Irish- failing or gettin d’s all year c1 :O:O:O:O:O:O:O i dont understand it like
    english-D1 im a lil peeded off about this one expecting a c2
    maths-FAILED-yess im scrwed fuck it lol
    Social-wait for it c2-Igot 18% in my pres for that i couldnt belive it
    Art-Im really pissed off i only got a c1 i was expecting at least a b1 so im getting that checked
    Business-Been failing this all year D1 booyaaaaaaaa
    History-ahhhhhhhh D1 ii dont understand the leaving cert is a fluke i took it up in 6th year never did anything didnt understand it just wasn my thing how did i passss this and fail maths when i actuli tried in maths haha

    Im fairly delighted bit of a balls about maths tho but fuckit

    welll done to everyone above ye did great!!!

    i seriously dont understand how i passed like everything Im so happy i did tho

    I LOVE U MR LEAVING CERT except who ever marked my art and maths rot in hell hahaha


  23. clara = most optimistic person ever.

    Leaving Cert be damned, you have the positive personality to take you places!!!

  24. So did everyone get what they wanted? I got offered Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Sciences in GMIT, but I’m not sure if I’ll accept it. I’m leaning towards repeating about now.

  25. my leaving cert is coming up REEEEEALLY soon im SO nervous, only 8 months to go! im all honours except maths and irish, and i need 420 points AT LEAST(aiming for 480 points)

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