Are you allowed ask me that?

Well seeing as quite a few people have mentioned Religion as a non-exam subject and think it’s a waste of time etc, I decided to get my two cents in! Honestly, before today I disagreed with the opinion that this was a waste of time in which we could study. I only have two classes a week because I do LCVP as well, and I don’t resent having two classes to go to without being harassed about homework and receiving lectures.

I genuinely do like Religion and our teacher is pretty relaxed and gets involved in class discussions about social issues and the usual stuff. I’m an opinionated person and love talking abut realistic issues, and we’ve also been promised tea & biscuits in the last twenty minutes of our Wednesday class, to help us relax after a stressful day (I love teachers who make tea. This is scarily common in my school..) but the thing that does annoy me about this class are the people who just see it as a doss and take up the whole class on pointless things. I may as well sit in the lunch hall studying as listen to stories that aren’t even funny! I realise I probably sound like a sad, boring whinger right now, but it really is a waste of time. Our class today was about drugs, drinking & smoking in teenagers. It’s one of the most over used topics by teachers for class discussions but our religion teacher isn’t patronizing and does actually entertain us..

It went something like this:

“So, how many of ye smoke? Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell your parents.. Sure I sneak out to the van and have a fag in my free classes!”

One girl answered “I gave up last Thursday.” She then went on to explain how she’s after giving up smoking at the age of sixteen and she no longer drinks because she wanted to challenge herself.

The teacher jokingly went “What about drugs?” and she honestly looked so panicked and stuttered before going “Are you allowed ask me that?” He replied “So you don’t drink, don’t smoke, but you do drugs” and she decided to answer “I’m not allowed answer that.. Let’s just say no.”

Her and a friend then giggled in the corner and went to profess that drugs aren’t that bad, etc, and other people joined in with stories of drinking and all. Now believe me, I love going out & letting my hair down as much as the next underage girl – but I do actually have better things to do with a forty five minute class than listen to people big up drugs and mock people who stress over exams because they care about their results.  If I could get a word in edgeways, then of course I’d engage in these talks and  it might not be such a big waste but it’s just the same people who take over a class and say all the right things to the teacher even though everybody knows it’s complete and utter lies. So I’ve changed my mind – I think classes such as Religion should be optional, with a choice of studying if that’s what someone would prefer. I’m not saying I would actually go with the study option but at least it’d be there.

I don’t even want to read back over this post.. It’s probably unbelievably muddled and confusing, but I literally just threw my thoughts down! I promise I’ll make sense next time 🙂

7 thoughts on “Are you allowed ask me that?”

  1. I hate those people. My school doesn’t have non-exam Religion classes, but they crop up in other classes. I mean, I don’t really go to school for funsies, I go to get the course covered and then I get the funsies in my free time. I don’t mind so much when the digressions are actually funny, but when it’s just some ADHD twat asking the teacher loads of excursive questions, it gets on my nerves.

  2. Tell me about it! Like sometimes classes are getting so serious that I appreciate something funny, but not when they’re just annoying the teacher.. We have a sub for Geography for September and everyone picks on her and claim not to understand what we’re doing, then going “Oh lads, we’re going to fail!”. Well you wouldn’t if you actually paid attention..

  3. Quite nice tea making teachers you have 🙂 Sounds delightful minus the stoner’s chat. “GET ME OUTTA HERE!!”

  4. Oh yes people who understand! I cant stand the trouble makers and I’m always surrounded by them. Sometimes i think there brains just havent developed from first year

  5. Best day ever last year was when our principal let me walk to the shop to get biscuits for our tea! Really sound 😀
    I know, like half the first years do actually behave better than them! I doubt I was that bad even in first year.. At least I hope!

  6. Vera Stojanovic :)

    oh yes dear friend i couldn’t agree with you more, Dam those hippy-huligen dossers and shame on them

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