Art History Broke My Heart.


Depression session today. I had prepared Newgrange, Bronze age, three of the Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael and Michaelangelo) and I was relying on a nice packaging/graphic design question for the Appreciation.

But no.

Irish Section: I had to do the first question, which I was not happy about. For one thing, I hadn’t revised the Iron Age (even though I remembered that it was the Broighter Collar and that it had La Tene designs on it) and I absolutely HATE “Describe the item in the illustration” questions because that really is all you can do with them – describe the item in the picture. I wrote about 3/4 of a page on the first part and the remainder of the page describing the Bronze Age period. I wrote a few lines about the little I can remember of the Iron Age, drew a bunch of pictures and left it at that.

European Art: Raphael! Yay! The only question I liked. I wrote about “Madonna of the Meadow” and got about 3 pages including sketches. I did this first as it really was the only thing I was confident about.

Appreciation: This part was HORRIBLE. Graffiti? Fashion/Sportswear? WTF? I did the fashion/sportswear question terribly, only one page that didn’t address any of the issues raised in the question and felt like crying. What is it with Art and making me want to cry? And I don’t even mean in a it’s-so-beautiful-I’m-moved kind of way. In a bad, sad way.

I’m really upset, especially because my practical went so horribly as well. I was counting on Art History to bring me up a bit, but now…I’d be lucky with a pass.
At least I’m finished now until Music, I’m gonna go out and meet some friends later – might take my mind off things!


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  1. i was hoping for packaging as well in art appreciation & was pretty disgusted when it wasn’t there. the appreciation bit was pretty crap in general this year really. :/

  2. I know how you feel…I spent the first twenty minutes CRYING when I saw the paper. The supervisor had to tell me to go outside to get myself together I was in such a state. I ended up doing the Book of Kells-what I could salvage from my memory but I only managed about a page and a fairly awful sketch of the Temption of Christ. European art was awful. Nothing I studied came up. I had to resort to the categories question and do a painting with an animal in it-I did Arnolfini and his Wife. There is a dog in it so I hope they accept it! Could not for the life of me remember anything about Van Eyke so I waffled about detail,folds in clothes and oils. Hopefully I’ll salvage some marks from the Art Appreciation section. I did the graffiti question but ran out of time due to the 20 minutes of crying :-(. I was devestated when I finished but it’s over now so I’m just trying to focus on chemistry now and not think about it too much. My chances of passing art now seem slim.

  3. You’ll be fine, seriously. As they are all graded seperately the examiner tends to be nicer, I think. And practical, as badly as it could have gone, you would have EASILY gotten more than enough to pass on that alone. You really have to try and fail art.

    And as for the first question in Irish art, you remembered more than I did, honest. And that coupled with a good section two is more than enough. And I mean, section three is hard to get high marks in but getting mid-range is doable even with one page because it’s solely ased on you and your opinion and design eye. They can’t give you zero for that!

    Everyone seems to be in the same boat though. I studied Newgrange, ended up doing the first question as well. I studied Gothic, Romanesque came up. I studied the National Gallery of Ireland and you had to use a local one. I don’t know whether a school art exhibition in a hall counts but I tried it!

  4. Wow… Eavan Boland much? Girls I’m sorry the paper went so badly for you but look upon it this way (and I’ve spoken to other art students on this) the paper was all over the gaff questions-wise, so the marking scheme should be pretty nice? I’m sure you all did much better than you think you did, seem more than a little articulate from these comments.

    Also, the summer is nearly here. Pfffffft to exams and results til August, if you’re done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. @Emma – It totally was! I couldn’t believe it. You really had to know your shit to do it. I much preferred the mock.

    @Allison: omg I’m so sorry! I was so close to crying as well but I decided once was enough with Art and crying. I hope everything goes ok for you in the end.

    @Hermione: Thank you for the reassurance…I really hope it’s not as bad as we think. It’s an awful nuisance though, because I really wanted it to go well.

    And thank you too, Mister X! Newgrange is like the Eavan Boland of the Art world…Hell yes about summer though! I went out last night just hanging about with me mates and I just thought “This is what summer is going to be like.” It was amazing!

  6. Art… I must say, unlike most of ye above me, went really well! And my Design Paper and the other practicals went very well too so now my hopes are high for art. Though Art always finds a way of kicking you in the balls so you just can never tell.

    But I could see exactly where the Department were going to catch people out from the second I opened the paper. I was in such a foul mood after Biology that I think I just launched myself into the paper so I could escape from that horrible, horrible hall!

    10 minutes in … The fire alarm went off! :O I think was rendered temporarily deaf but I nearly jumped off my seat thinking we’d have a chance to discuss what had come up and tactics. My invigilator nearly took a run at me… no… nearly took me out when I stood up and much to my dismay I was made sit back down and was left sit there for the 4-5 minutes that the alarm was blasting. But my god were we lucky, because we got a WHOLE 2 MINUTES extra at the end to compensate us for the unfortunate timing of that faulty fire alarm (which got me out of MANY a Biology and Maths class before).

    The Appreciation was just mean but I have to say the Fashion Design question was unusual… I chose that one. Thank god my teacher had enough foresight to warn us not to dream of banking on Newgrange alone and that she could see Jewelery coming up! YES, YES, YES. She had also said that monastic settlements could show and The Book of Kells was likely. She had the paper down! Some woman for one woman.

    For those of you who didn’t find the paper so nice, I am pretty sure your practicals were good enough. If you did craft, your exams are marked by two different people and it is likely you will get at LEAST one nice examiner. If you did the Design Paper, the entire exam is marked by one teacher and if they can see from your standard that you deserve a certain grade, they will do everything in their power to get you that grade ๐Ÿ˜€ So chins up people! Only one full week left of any of us having to do exams like this ever again. (Please no-one mention the horrible “R” word that involves another year of this. That just wouldn’t be cool)

  7. Yeah! They really pulled a Boland on that one. Where was Newgrange!!! I had to make up a fake local gallery for the gallery question. It was an absolute balls of a paper. No Impressionism niether! Pure gutted

  8. @baldbaldapple: Fire alarm! God…Bet you any amount of money it was one of the third years messing. That’s always the case in our school, the amount of fire drills we’ve had because of bold Junior Cycle students is unreal. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wasn’t banking purely on Newgrange, but I was sure the Iron Age wouldn’t come up again. I was mad about the Iron Age/Bronze Age question because of this.

    @Danny: I would be so afraid to make up a fake gallery! I was told that they go ringing around the place to investigate whether or not there actually was an exhibition/gallery in the place you mention, but that might have been just to scare us into not making stuff up. Teachers are like that.
    Balls of a paper…I second that.

  9. Haha finally u admit 2 your failure seeing as u have boasted so much throughout the course of your “blogging”….. I really dont admire your vain personality as we say in the ghetto “Awanaptacapnurass” … And what is ” pure gammy” UR FACE ID SAY!! Thats why u cant find “Amanda Hugnkiss” I wudnt say ur “chuffed city” now?? Bitch ..

  10. I approve the above comment just to lulz at it.
    I am aware also that you have tried to troll me before.

    Sry2say but I would readily admit any failure had there been any, I just got lucky. So ya know, boo hoo.

  11. My art went pretty bad also,i did fairly well in the practical section but for the rest of it,appriciation,history..even irish history for gods sake,its almost like thew new what i had studied and put very other feckin question on the paper,i spent too much time on my practical and hardly any on my theory,but hey,what can ya do

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