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Another leaving cert tale

My life has taken a major downturn this year. All i have energy to do is lite up and watch southpark. The worst...

Leaving cert tales

My unbelievably dank leaving cert. So far instead of studying I have found myself blazing it and watching south-park with my cholo friends. Seriously...

Leaving Cert panic.. you’re not alone

I hate this leaving cert. I have hated these last few days, weeks and months. Basically I pretty much hate everything at the minute. Everyone...

Leaving Cert poem

The leaving cert. Just. Approaches me quickly. One Second closer. Time. Yet I struggle. In my studies to find pause. My head is dizzy. Life. YFXPSVRI.17

Just want the leaving cert to be over

Can it just be over so I can start my summer and begin being drunk 24/7