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Glossary Of Chemistry Terms

Glossary Of Chemistry from Activation energy The minimum amount of energy which colliding molecules must have before they can react together. Addition polymer A polymer made by the combining together of small unsaturated molecules of the same compound. Addition reaction A reaction in which the double or triple bond of an unsaturated compound opens …

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Radioactivity Notes

Heres what you need to know about from the chapter entitled ” Radioactivity” History: Henri Bequerel discovered radiation accidentally when he left some photographic plates in his drawer with some uranium salt. The plate changed-something was invisibly coming from the uranium. His pals Pierre and Marie Curie isolated polonium and radium. Radiation is actually all …

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Acids and Bases C12

Here is notes on the theory, neutralisation, and conjugate pairing of acids. Arrehenius Theory requires the presence of water: Arrehenius definition of an acid : An acid is a substance that dissociates in water to produce H+ ions. Strong acids are those that fully dissociate in water i.e almost every molecule breaks up to give …

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My Tips

Here are a few tips which I found helped me out a lot during the Leaving Cert… Highlight – you know all of them books in your locker, bag and floating about your room? Probably about 20 including exam papers and all of that craic. Say every book averages 150 pages, that’s 3000 pages of …

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