In the interval between the last time I poorly wrote something here and now, a new girl has been added (hi Marie!), people have rejoiced/wept over Irish orals (how lucky am I? ; )), german/french orals have arrived and left, North Korea has launched a rocket or a spaceship, American Idol has returned, etc. Time really does fly when you don’t stare at the clock so much.

I kind of find it hilarious how the “A story of…”  above the badger on the board picture changes, as someone new comes. When I first came, it changed from “A story of six students during leaving cert year” to “A story of seven..”. And now, its “A story of students lives.” Just in case.

Anyway, I’m back to show the world how little I have to contribute to this little dialogue of ours revolving around the LC. Really I have no excuse for being  AWOL. I just have 3 things to say:

1. German Orals. It actually went abnormally well. Eerily well. The examiner was so nice, I kind of half expected Ashton Kutcher to jump out from somewhere screaming “You’ve been Punk’d!!!!”. He never did. The “Allgemeine Fragen” were just all about my family. No recession, no drugs/alcohol. Nothing. It was just “So tell me what your parents do for a living… And your favourite tv show?..You watch Grey’s Anatomy? Toll!!”, etc.

Before I went in, people told me that you could see through the sheets and essentially pick out which Bildergeschichte you want. Either they were lying, or the examiner figured that out and placed extra sheets on top. Every time, I just picked the middle one. I got the smoking Bild, which I prepared to death. Later, while I hovered my palms over the sheets for the roleplay, I willed myself not to pick “Arbeit im Hotel”.. not it… not it… bam! “Arbeit im Hotel”. I wonder if my gasp of utter horror was caught on tape. Btw, I don’t know about anyone else, but my voice on tape does not sound like me at all. Well, maybe me on helium.

Anyway, it went well. So why did I slave over it so much? Maybe it went well because I did slave over it.

2. Three weeks from now, I will be doing my art practicals, which involves me attempting to capture the forms of a banana and a couple of mushrooms through oil pastels. Super fun. Why did I even do art anyway? There is a programme on National Geographic about a guy named “Bear” (no I don’t know why) and he is just about able to survive anything. Tell me Bear, wherever in the Amazon you are, how do I survive an exam for which I have absolutely no talent for? Hhmm?

I must admit that I only did art because I thought it would be an easy A. And now here I am, covered in paint, trying to convince myself that this 2-dimensional sulking thing staring back at me is actually a painting of myself and not a Neanderthal resurrected. Oh Happy Easter everyone.

Oh and btw, was I hallucinating or did I actually just read that Marie is going to Stockholm for Easter? Does she not have teachers, whose voices echo every moment, saying “If you do no work, I WILL be personally insulted.”? Lucky. How does everybody keep themselves motivated? How do you trick yourselves into seeing your Macbeth notes as something interesting to read over, instead of a dog-eared heap of hieroglyphics?

3. Anybody who got an entire Maths paper to do over Easter deserves a free meal.

Anyway, good luck everyone (including me) in your (our) attempt at Easter study. And Bear, please comment.

11 thoughts on “AWOL”

  1. Eat the paper. It’s a good source of fibre, which is important in the wild because if you don’t keep regular it’ll affect your energy.
    Then gag on the paper a bit, shut off the cameras and go have lobster in a 5-star hotel.
    S’what I do.

  2. I was. And actually.. I’m missing a whole week of school too.. But my teachers were great, see this for the opportunity it is and are actually going to do fundraising to reimburse me my flight money. *insert grin here*

    I actually found a way to stay motivated today.. I turned off my phone and laptop and didn’t allow myself turn them on until nine that night. Hence I greatly reduced the distractions and I was more driven to actually work to pass time…

  3. I mean actually.. Yes… I’m in a band, totally rockin’. I play the spoons like no-one has ever played them before!

  4. Hi Olen,

    Louise Holden of the education desk of the Irish Times here. I’m looking for a Leaving Cert diarist for the paper next month. It’s a paid job, a bit of fun and I’ll help make the job as easy as possible for you on the exam days. If you’re interested could you mail me at [email protected] as soon as you can?

    thanks a million.


  5. Hi olen and everyone else here!

    Okay so I know this seems a little stalker-ish. I found your blog through random googling. I’m Filipina too, (yes, there is such a country as the Philippines) and currently looking up information on the Leaving Certs as I’m about to pack and leave for Ireland in a few months too hopefully with a student visa.

    Anyway, if anyone has helpful information on non-citizen study programs, please send me an email. It would be well appreciated as my brain seems to reject reading through the whole application process. Just looking at the outlines is giving me a serious migraine.

    I wish everyone the best of luck! Especially to you Olen!

    Take it easy, guys.

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