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I’m in the mood to blog and have no actual topic to blog on so let’s just see where this goes… Graduation. I graduate on Wednesday, meaning that tomorrow is my last day of school. Can I get an OH EM GEE? Most schools seem to have graduated already so I guess it’s not that exciting, but I’m pretty damn glad to be getting out of that place. Does anyone else have to pay for their graduation? We had to. Twenty five quid or so, which is the icing on top of the distasteful cake that has been my six years of secondary school. The one good thing about these past six years is, of course, the friends I’ve made (I love all two of you guyz) but that’s about it. Our graduation mass includes a song by Miley Cyrus, the less said about that the better. Personally, I voted for track eight from Lily Allen’s new album.

I still haven’t figured out if I’m in complete denial about the leaving cert itself or not, I’ll go with not for now. The reasons being that if I get the same results as I did in my pre I’m pretty much sorted, although a certain website did lend a hand in Irish paper two… I’m pretty sure that my biggest threat is failing pass maths, which I’m not counting for points but need to pass in order to get into university. It’s not that I find maths majorly difficult, I find it completley and utterly mundane. Now if maths is really your thing then good for you, I sometimes envy those that can look on a calculus question with anything but disgust in their eyes. It’s just not my thing.

One issue that is a niggling prescene in my mind is the CAO form. Put two letters and three numbers in a box and hey presto, where you live and what you do for the next three to five years is decided! I’m interested in so many courses that I think I’ll just pick any random one to put first next July, as none of them seem to be all that different. Is maith an scealaí an aimsir as they say, which happens to be how I end every piece of Irish writing I do regardless of the subject matter. Perhaps I should go do something about that…

13 thoughts on “Back To The Start”

  1. Funny. I’m failing pass irish, practically guaranteed an A in pass maths. Maybe if we had a kid together he’d actually manage to get into university.

  2. Also — wow, we all posted within like a day of each other. (Except Olen, but he’s abandoned us like Kirk’s mom abandoned Kirk’s dad in the beginning of Star Trek, so nuts to him)

  3. She knew what she was doing.

    And we shall call him Gracrald! King of the Mountains of Wiklok. Or maybe Alexander. I always said if I had a kid I’d give him a cool name with an X in it…

  4. You mean Cameron from House? She was giving birth at the time, so surely we can excuse that.

    Alexander works…he shall be multilingual and mathematically brilliant 😀

  5. Yeah, but she married the protagonist’s father. What did she expect? Besides, it was probably House’s baby.

    Sounds good. Right, get your pants off. Let’s do this.

  6. Why is it that nobody else ever seems to have the same compulsion to say the worst thing that pops into their heads?

    Next thing you’ll be telling me you don’t ever have arguments with the voices in your head…

  7. I am a fan of inappropiate comments but I am also a fan of keeping them general. ^^

    Grace, careful now. You have an enthusiastic fan :p

  8. and trust me, you don’t wanna know what she normally does with her enthusiastic fans…it’d mean no Alex…ever!
    ps love you too pamplemousse =)

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