Barack Obama et le français.

Dear Barack Hussein Obama,
You rock my world.
Lots of love,
Jennie xx

Lots of people* like to groom my ego from time to time, telling me my writing skills are simply immense. Unfortunately, English teachers don’t tend to think so. I mean, yeah, my grammar’s usually pretty immaculate and I know a great deal of big words, but I’m also a cynical and contemptuous young’un who gets carried away and distracted too easily, making vague references to popular culture like nobody’s business. I also overuse the word “plethora”, so sorry about that.
(*May not be true.)

Anyway, this isn’t about my musings, this is about me and my good friend Barack Obama. Although, now that I think about it, maybe “good friend” is a bit ridiculous. Great friend or “BFF” is probably far more accurate. He has absolutely no qualms with my style of writing and after sending him the above message concerning him and his world- rocking ways he’s agreed to come into my French Oral with me! Seriously!
OK, well, maybe not seriously. I didn’t REALLY tell the new world leader I love him lots, but he’s still coming along for my French Oral like the hero that he is. Sort of.

As anyone doing French should know, you’re allowed to bring a “Document” into your oral, so a photo or a project or something along those lines. It’s not obligatory but it’s apparently advised. I didn’t bring one in with me last year and still managed to get myself an A in French, but that’s completely beside the point.
This year, I, my friends, am bringing in a photo of Barack Obama. Why? Do I like awkward situations based around painfully difficult questions? Eh, yeah.
Just about every other French student in the country runs along into their orals wielding a holiday photo. Do I want to bring in a photo of me in some lovely location and get asked about ridiculous things like the weather? Not if I can avoid it, that’s for sure.
Last year I was dying to talk about Obama and the Election campaign in general in my French oral, I got him in there alright. And a bit about Bertie too, although that culminated in the examiner cutting me off and asking about Bertie’s “maquillage”. I wish I was joking on that one, but no, she actually stopped me mid well-delivered Bertie rant to ask me my opinions on the amount of money our good oul’ Ex-taoiseach spent on make-up. Stupid glamorous, politically unconcerned examiner!

Anyway, look at me going off the point here, I’m meant to be talking about Obama!
I bought 3 different newspapers on Tuesday, The Times, The Examiner and the Independent, and then I trawled through them picking out the best Obama pictures from the Inauguration Ceremony. Which was absolutely savage fun, even if it did involve me doing absolutely nothing but reading Bush-isms and Obama related articles all night. I’m still wholly undecided as to what photo shall be brought in, but thanks to a certain Professor Wiki Pedia I’ve plenty of well written stuff on Obama. (A quick tip to anyone who wasn’t aware of this: Wikipedia is also available in French and it’s a total lifesaver for the oral/ reaction questions. A good search can give fantastic results, so you can say goodbye to the effort of actually writing out your own opinions! And online translators do the rest of the work, it’s relatively foolproof.)
I’m looking forward to the little interrogation somewhat now, I mean, there’s no way the examiner will be able to avoid my political ramblings or my views on everything from the recession to racism. It’ll take a good bit of preparing, but for a man THIS cool, it’s worth it:

Obama Surf Pictures, Images and Photos

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8 thoughts on “Barack Obama et le français.”

  1. I gotta say I love that photo…it’s very similar to one a friend taped to my desk in school last November o.o


    I considered bringing an Obama document into my oral, but I’m not too sure cause they could ask about any obscure element of his policies and I’m not one for such preparation…

    I don’t think I’m going to choose a photo of Bono, starving children or indeed a holiday photo of any kind though. Contrary to the advice of every oral guide out there.

  2. Hey, great post, I actually lol’d. Really great idea you have about searching for topics on wikipedia in other languages. As it happens A few articles in Irish are now available also. *thumbs up to Jennie!

  3. WWBOD?
    What would Barack Obama do?

    Yes, wikipedia.. it’s a lifesaver! Although make sure you know what you’re saying in other languages… I’m realy paranoid there’ll be edited articles myself and I’ll end up telling the examiner I’ve a raging foot fetish or something equally odd.

  4. I went all the way to the airport in the rain for NOTHING!?
    I left the comfort of the library for NOTHING!?
    I went to the post office for NOTHING!?


  5. Im also doing Barak Obama for my document and I am going to be presenting it on an A3 sheet with about 3 to 4 pictures on it lamenated. Including a photo of martin luther king. I would completely disagree about the complexity of the questions which could be asked. It is up to YOU to steer the conversation the way you want it to.

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