Barbed-Wire Throat and After School Slavery

Since coming back to school after the Christmas break last Wednesday I’ve joined two new groups at school I thought I wouldn’t. The first is the Sick Crowd, who I wrote about in my last post. I’ve crossed over from being the paranoid girl with multi-vitamins, to being barely able to croak my own name out of my barbed-wire throat. What an awful time to fall ill, just 3 weeks until the mocks. I think I can attribute this illness to my school’s policy of not providing soap in the bathrooms. As anyone who’s been watching the news lately knows, there is an awful flu going round (thank God what I have seems to be just a throat bug. An AWFUL throat bug though.) and the HSE have been saying to best way to avoid catching it is to wash your hands regularly. Well when your school wont provide soap in the bathrooms that’s quite hard, and may explain why some teachers and students didn’t make it back after the Christmas break.

So not only will some students miss out on school because they themselves are sick, others will miss out because teachers are sick too. Well done School, you’ve done it again.

I never thought I’d see myself writing this, but at least the worst of my sickness seems to be over the weekend, where I had nothing much planned anyway, so I should be able to struggle through school tomorrow. It did put a stop to any plans I had to study though. I guess Complex Numbers will just have to wait.

The second group I joined which I swore I never would is the After School Study group. I did ASS in 3rd year and swore I wouldn’t do it again. Sure you get loads done, but it takes place in the 5th year’s lunch room which is quite big so it’s freezing, and it stinks from the bins after everyone’s had their lunch. I was completely failing to get any work done over Christmas though (I got a grand total of 2 hours over the ENTIRE break) so I knew it had to come to this. I’m now doing ASS from 3.45pm-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It wasn’t too bad last Thursday actually, ok so it was freezing cold and smelled a bit, but I was able to get quite a bit done and was able to nip into the common room and heat some soup up during the break. I think the 4 hours after school will be very useful, God knows studying at home has become almost impossible, especially while lying around feeling sorry for myself all sick!

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6 thoughts on “Barbed-Wire Throat and After School Slavery”

  1. I love how ASS is called ASS. I did ASS for a few weeks last term, and then got sick of it…I is worth while though, even if you go home absolutely exhausted. I think your school should revise it’s soap policy…my school has a poster over every sink with something like “WHAT ARE THE TOP TEN CAUSES OF DISEASE” on it then a photo of some hands. A tad over-dramatic but affective none the less. Get well soon ^_^

  2. I remember doing ASS for like 2 weeks. Didn’t last long anyway. But yeah I have to agree with the whole soap thing. Our school didn’t even have dry towels to provide, never mind soap.

  3. Yay thanks Grace! Yeah our student council are meant to be sorting it out, but having been on the student council I know how ineffective they are! Maybe I should just send an anonymous letter to the health board or something.

  4. Yeah, we weren’t provided with soap either.. I’m obsessed with hygiene and it just freaked me out! I brought some in though, and I have shampoo in my locker. To use as soap…
    Let’s not forget the hand sanitizer I keep in my bag, little mini bottles of dry soap. <3
    (Now I just sound strange tbh…)

    As for ASS, bah! I do it too, it’s quite the pain.. but I don’t do anything otherwise!

  5. 3.45 to 8!? Horrifying. My ASS is a mere two hours and ten minutes, and even that seems like two hours too long to me.

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