Biology 09; One dead fox, a cyclops and a very unusual womb.

Ladies and gentlemen, four day weekend! Lovely. I bought myself a coffee and a cardigan to celebrate.. Before swiftly remembering that the Chemistry course has vast and altogether widespread corners of which I must visit, and Latin.. Oh Latin shall be interesting..
I am so unbelievably tired it’s disgusting. I didn’t get to sleep last night until nearing 1 am and then I was up at five to just read over the Biology course another bit. With the result that I am taking tonight off. Or at least until guilt overcomes my freeloving nature and forces me back to the books.
Jealousy reigns at hearing that some people have already finished, ‘snot fair! They should put the cores last.. So everyone finishes together.. Oh yes. Having said that, two exams left is a nice enough place to be. Just hoping that I don’t fall into Complacency Land in my head when it comes to the last ones.. You know just adopting the frame of mind that “ahhhhh it’ll be grand sure”?
That happens.. Oh well.

Okay, truth be told.. The Biology paper was GRAND. Like I did all the questions and was happy enough. Not feeling 100% about them but having said that I thought I had failed the pre and ended up with an A2. So I’m taking it easy and accepting the fact that no matter how many times I think back over questions or compare my answers to the answers of other people that I can’t change what lies inside that little sealed booklet.

Okay, was it just me or was that paper a tad amusing? Maybe my exhaustion has reached the point where I’m just silly, so true… For instance, the foxes. I was bluffing through the ecology you see and already I’m quite.. “chipper” in my exam tone. Kinda like a oh me oh my answering. Like the thing about WHEELIE BINS… So I wrote about how foxes can’t open a wheelie bin.. and may get crushed under one.. COMPLETE SPOOFING but then I got caught into a a fit of giggles at thinking of poor foxy under a wheelie bin…
Also, oh dear god.. my drawing of a womb was HILARIOUSLY terrible.. Like.. really you’d never think I have one.. I even had to add a note to the corrector apologising for my disastrous drawing skills. Final amusing part of the Biology exam was right on the last page,

“Why is it better to have two eyes?”

Well my brain here was torning between humming, “One is the loneliest number” and thinking about how pissed off this guy is..

Okay, I have gone mad.
Happily though.

75 thoughts on “Biology 09; One dead fox, a cyclops and a very unusual womb.”

  1. I thought Biology was tricky! It’s my worst:(
    I’m finished.. Can I get an ‘Oh yes’ ?

    Haha. Yeah, the fox stuff was a children’s comprehension. Not complaining though ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Complacency Land- STAY AWAY! I fell into that trap for biology today, didn’t study and then done shit. Great way to finish up!

  3. Fox thing was weird. It’s probably what the questions would be like if they had foundation biology…

  4. I saw that question, but the twat was the only part of it I knew. The b and c parts turned me off.

    (wonder how many synonyms we can do)

  5. Yeah Emerald, the b question was horrible, but I managed a reasonable axe-wound diagram for part a and I found the bread mould question quite easy.

  6. I wanna see your bum, no i dont care what you say, no i dont have feelings, cus feelings are gay, something something in the month of may. Did anyone else almost choke with laughter at this bit?

  7. Four? Yikes..
    Let me guess..
    German, Chemistry, Music and… hell we’re going to say Applied Maths!


  8. How can you have four left?
    Oh you poor poor thing, my deepest sentiments! You deserve the free coffee

  9. tech drawing, physics, chemistry and applied maths…….. fun, i know….. but you can send me on that coffee, im definately going to need it! my friend texted me today in the middle of a “revision” session for tech today (ie learning the course properly) and hes finished. i could have KILLED HIM!

  10. I’m happy to help with that!
    Although some of my books have already….passed on. They are no longer with us

  11. also, room cleaning services would get me out of a lot of trouble…. my excuse for the whole year has been “BUT MOM! i have to STUDY!”. this works for all household tasks……. and i will take great relish in burning many things next friday!

  12. hahaha… yeah shes threatening me already….. ” maria, you just WAIT till your finished, then that room better SPARKLE”

  13. hahaha I know how you feel!
    “why don’t you get started now…you’ve a day off to get started! WHAT KIND OF CRAZY TALK ARE YOU TALKIN MRS”

  14. So what you’re saying Marie is that you want an orgy? WOO party at Maries!
    Bring your keys. There will be a bowl.
    DJ fox will be supplying the slamming tunes. He’s wheelie good.

    Re video… I’m tired whinge.. but at least I got to draw the minge!


  15. Wait are you guys talking about the the cleanliness of your bedrooms? Cus I cant even see my bedroom floor right now…. o________O

  16. Oh shit I just remembered I dont even have any set squares or a t square or a compass for tech graphics tomorrow…. x2 o________O

  17. I’m trying to find 5th years to adopt mine!
    So far I have found my Latin notes a home but nothing else.. .:(

  18. Apparently the answer to the eye thing was that with only one eye we only see things in 2D, but with two eyes we can see 3D.
    Of course, did I say that? No.

  19. Ah that’s bollox. I’m glad I didn’t do that section now..just drew a baby cyclops stick man ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Did I say that either? No! I probably said something stupid like gives you better perspective on life….something stupid

  21. i have 3 exams left (tears)… possibly 4 if i decide to sit the applied maths next fri… soooo sooo jealous of those who are already finished!

  22. Ah this reminded me of my Biology exam and me ending up in silent laughter upon reading a question… was it the wheelie-bin question? Argh, I can’t remember…

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