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I started this whole blogging game back in September 2010 when I began writing for as michael2010. It was purely a moment of impulse that I applied to be on the blogging team for 2010/2011. I had never even visited that much before and honestly I didn’t think some of the other bloggers had much to say either, nothing helpful to prospective Leaving Certs anyway.

I think that anyone who has ever considered starting their own blog and is in Leaving Cert. should try it. I benefited by getting a chance to write articles that explored some points that would be able to use in Leaving Cert. English. This way I could develop my ideas and have them discussed by my peers from across the country. Writing decent articles on study, exams and subjects in particular really focusses your mind and makes the subject really clear in your mind. Even if you don’t publish the blog post, at least you know that you are personally not able to develop that idea.

Blogging gives you something to do when you want to take a study break but don’t what to stray too far from actual work. You don’t have to blog everyday or even every week. If you join sites like there are other bloggers to contribute and keep the blog fresh.

Be warned though, I did not make any money from blogging and probably never will, however there is a certain kind of dopamine rush that you get when you get people commenting on your blog and you see your site hits soar into the thousands. For these reasons I highly recommend blogging for those of you with a passion for English and strong opinions. Honestly you don’t need both, I certainly don’t have a flare for the english language but I enjoy getting my ideas across to my readers. So if your looking for a place to blog you could;

Start your own blogspot or wordpress or other blog

Send an email to and tell them you’d like to be a blogger

Or if you’d like join my new students blog site at where Leaving Cert, Third Level or even Junior Cert students can blog about matters concerning Irish students. Just email me at [email protected] and tell me what you have to offer and can bring to the blog.


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