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Hey there. I have absolutely no news I’m afraid but kind of in the mood for typing away so I’m afraid that means… BLOG!
Just got thinking about school lately and what’s going to be like to actually leave…I love my school so much and I will miss it. It’s crazy, I’m after spending six years here now and I feel at home in my school. I mean, without a doubt once it gets to sixth year, it is brilliant.

Firsty, your relationships with your teachers does improve. Well this is what I’ve noticed, it certainly happens when you’ve got your eye on the ball anyway. If you show any bit of recognisable focus and determination you’ll see that your teachers will be happy to work with you. I mean, teachers do want you to do well, I hate all that drama people come out with like “Wah, my teacher hates me and wants me to fail!”. It’s rubbish. Absolute tosh. Your teacher may hate you but why would they want you to fail, you’ve got to remember it reflects badly on them too!

Also, I’ve noticed that generally the whole year seems to be getting on better this year. It might be because we’re all in the same building this year but I also think it might have something to do with the fact that there’s only another two months left in it, what’s the point in creating drama? Oh dear reader, you may note at this point that I’m really anti-drama. It’s going to be very strange going somewhere completely new without the same best friends I’ve known since first year, finding a new coffee shop to hide out in before/after (and sometimes during but shhhhh) school. It’ll all be very new and while being scary and first, I can’t wait! Excitement galore.

Also, I’ve finally gotten all my pre results back. Didn’t get points that really thrilled me but oddly enough I’ve not that freaked out. Maybe I’m a bit of an anomaly or else I’m just distracted. Hmm.. Will have to wait for a bit to figure that one out. In the meantime, tea.

5 thoughts on “Blogity Blogity Blog”

  1. What’s life without drama*? Dull and grey, I say!

    * By which I mean other people’s drama to amuse myself with. Ich liebe Schadenfreude…

  2. Why thank you! Tosh is a lovely word alright.

    Oh no, Im sick of other people’s drama. There’s a group of painfully annoying girls in my class who are ALWAYS having themselves dramatic moments. Totally over the top, tears, poor little me moments and a whole lot of angsty behaviour. It makes spending time in our base class HELL! /end rant/ 🙂

  3. I also liked the word ‘firsty’
    It sounds cute. Like how my younger cousing used to say ‘thirsty’.

    Anyway, girls whine all the time. It’s what they do at our age.

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