Bloody hell.

So seventeen years after I entered the world, it finally rolled around. Just as I switched on my laptop I made a decision.. I’m going to embrace the Leaving Cert! Bring it on.

Well my name’s Chloe, and believe it or not, I’m a sixth year. I’m from Wexford and I’m a pure culchie, while being an absolute nerd (Harry Potter reference in the title? Decided to pay homage to a fellow redhead) AND party girl. It’s all a balancing act, and usually study is the neglected part of my life but this year, everything will change. Pfft not, reading the other posts made me realise everyone else here is SMART. Therefore I think I’ll be the token blogger.. I’m not effortlessly funny or charismatic so my blogs are going to be long, honest affairs!

I do nine subjects –

  • Maths
  • English
  • Irish
  • German
  • Biology
  • Home Ec
  • Geography
  • LCVP
  • Applied Maths

But if I had my way, that list would be veryyyyy different. My choice subjects were Physics, Chemistry & Religion but not enough people wanted to do them/ my subjects blocks got mixed up. But may as well make the best of it so I do A.M. outside school with the local boys school. Tomorrow is my first official day back as a sixth year and I’m actually excited.. Like, I’m going to be allowed use the SIXTH YEAR GARDEN! That’s big stuff.. A GARDEN. For SIXTH YEARS. Have to love it.

So I’m considering a lot of different courses.. Maybe Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Law? I  need help.My aim this year is to do well, decide on what to do next year, keep up debating, rowing & football and go back to the Irish Math Olympiad. And try not to murder my sisters if they interrupt my ‘study’ in the shed. You read that right, I have a shed for studying. Recession, howarya.

Oh I feel all happy & excited about this year, it’s disgusting. But seriously.. Bring it. We’re gonna do this!

8 thoughts on “Bloody hell.”

  1. Hi Chloe, nice post, but by the sound of it you are smart, very smart. To extend the sexist stereotype from my first post girls who do physics tend to be good at, seeing as they’re so rare and in general nobody does Applied Maths unless they’re able for it. (Altough I have heard of one horror story where the teacher forced everyone doing physics to take A. Maths aswell and then only covered mechanics in 5th year – I’m still waiting to hear what he’ll do in 6th year!)
    So a fellow Maths Olympian, nice to meet you. How did you find last years test?

  2. you should be very smart if you do applied maths!!! anyway nice post and good luck in your year=) im in 6th year too,work work work~

  3. Thanks Michael! Well I go to an all girls school, so there’s no chance of any ‘masculine’ subjects, unfortunately. That class sounds pretty bad – sixth year year might end up being a bit of a rush! I have to decide whether to do the IMO again this year, it takes up a lot of time! I thought it was okay, I got stuck a bit though, you?
    Yes Marcus, a sixth year garden! Basically in the middle of the school building is a garden with picnic tables & all, especially for sixth years! I’ve yet to use my sixth year power to kick the younger ones out though.. 😛
    Thanks Vivi! Good luck to all of ye too 🙂

  4. I had a great time with all the IMO stuff. I don’t know if you remember the IMO message board that was set up. Well that’s me with all them posts. Basically a story of how I initially mess up the problem but finish it in the end. I can only guess that that’s you from UCD who said you had a Med course that one time. That message board is still my homepage so if you ever want to discuss some heavyduty maths it’s there.

    I got 10th place in the IrMO last year. So I think I stand a good chance this year. If LC maths is worth some dicussion I think here’s a better place to blog though(at least somebody might actually read it, you’ll know what I mean if you log in);)

  5. Oh I remember! And yes, that was me.. Probably my only post on the website! Well done, you probably will get it this year – good luck! Yay! I’m actually excited I have someone to discuss maths with.. Usually I get a weird glance!

  6. Haha..the only other person i know of who has a 6th year garden in their school…:) its great,isent it?!Youre also the only other person I know who wanted to do religion…I was the only one in my year willing to do it as an exam subject sooo that pretty much flopped. VERY relatable…i shall be reading more of you blogs fer suuure 🙂 Kiera

  7. Oh snap! 😀 I love the sixth year garden! Ours is pretty small, but cute! We need like a minimum of ten people or something wanting to do a subject so not enough people wanted it! Was quite tempted to do it outside school though..

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