Cad a tharla, Cill Chainnigh?

I am in utter shock. Tipperary beating slaughtering the cats? Damn..

Just to point out, I am from Wexford, and yes, as a rule, I fiercely hate Kilkenny in GAA. But after spending the money that should have paid my school insurance last night, I decided to make a bet against my sister : €10 on the result of the match. Needless to say, I lost and am now trying to hide from her.  But I DID actually realise something after the match. A lot of students could probably be compared to both teams.. Kilkenny worked hard, they were doing deadly, then when it counts? Crash & burn. Whereas Tipperary have been pretty consistent, went in as underdogs, but they persevered and did better than anyone could have expected. It’s like the student who’s naturally smart but starts to take it easy, and the one who has to work non stop but ends up doing better. Sadly I’m one of the former, after five years of achieving good results I’ve gotten bored and prefer to try scratch fake tan off my leg than listen in honours maths. (Seriously, two weeks after the debs and it’s STILL there. Any solutions?!) Actually I should probably have been doing some German homework instead of watching the All Irelands, but after my regatta was cancelled today, I had to make the most of some free time… I firmly believe in doing homework five minutes before the bell.

So other than that strange little thought, this week has been good. I’m delighted to be back and I was even more delighted when I got the school calendar. Scanning through the dates, I noticed the date of my birthday was on it. And beside the 10th of May 2011 were the words Sixth Year Graduation. I’ll be legally able to celebrate! Quare happy 😀 I also have three new teachers.. All the sixth year religion teachers are swapper around, plus my Biology teacher is taking maternity leave so I’m happy with those. I’m going to get a new LCVP teacher too and I’ll find out who on Tuesday.. I’m back to Applied Maths after school this week too, so overall? Is maith liom scoil.

By the way.. I apologise if the title is spelled wrong. 😛

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