Can Anybody Out There Turn Back Time??Summer,How I Miss Thee!

Ok,so I havent been on in the last 2 weeks as a result of falling ill (already!)and,of course,back to school stress.

Whats really getting to me is the copious amounts of  homework weve been getting since we got back.I thought theyd tone it down a tad,trust that well do work and stuff,but nooo…I understand homework really benefits alot of people,but personally I think I get more out of doing my own study.Ive heard alot of people talking about study timetables,which Ive found pretty much impossible to make because of all this work,not forgetting the random tests that we have every few days.Anybody else in a similar position?:/

One thing my business teacher has done,which I find extremely beneficial,is given us our test dates in advance,and each test is based on 4 chapters  from work that we done last year,which is the way I like to revise,but I suppose it all depends on the person,really.

Anyway,hopefully when the courses are gonna start getting wrapped up in the next few months well have more time to do our own thing and study the way we find best.

Homework and study aside,hows everybody been maintaining their social lives?Still intact?Im hanging on just a tad,but I find my thoughts being taken over more and more everyday with schoolwork and what I SHOULD be doing…Im also getting these little flashbacks from the summer thats just gone,please tell me Im not the only one!

Id do bloody anything to be back at the mud fest that we all know and love so much called Oxegen.4 glorious,glorious nights bai….not to mention the fact that Im studying Eavan Boland at this moment(pardon the pun)and whenever I read the poem about the black lace fan it just reminds me of the August gone that I spent in Paris,livin` it up in Disneyland and walking down the beautiful(and ridiculously overpriced) Champs de Elysees.TAKE ME BAAAACK! If anybody reading can turn back time,Ill give you a billion euro to do the deed.Seriously.


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  1. But if you give me the money and I turn back the time then I wouldn’t have the money any more because you would have given it to me in the future

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