CAO, But i dont know where to go :(

So there was me thinking on monday (my first day back after christmas) that ahh sure i had loads of time to do my cao form sure there’s no rush at all. I honestly tought i had loads of time. But when someone in my class said that they already had there cao done and that if ya fill it in before thursday the 2oth of january its 10 euro cheaper. I nearly had heart failure like i honestly havent given the cao a single tought since way before christmas like. So that evening i went home and went through the 6 prospectus books in my room and found my 10 courses. like at least i know what i want to do i want to study arts at nui Galway and well that s the only course i want to do. But what if i dont get the points or anything else could go wrong. I decided against UCAS feeling that moving tp england wasnt for me although now im worried now i made the wrong decision.

but the one thing that annoys me about the cao is you have to put it in order of prefered like after Galway arts i dont have any prefer i honestly think im going to just put them down in any order.the one good thing about the cao is that you can change it as many times as you want . which is great because i honestly can say ill change my mind about 20 times.but today i made a list of my cao sort of a mock or a first draft

so at the minute my cao is looking something like this it will probably change about 20 times but im happy enough with this order for now

1   Galway                                                  Arts

2    Cork                                                     Arts

3   Galway                                                Arts and Human rights studies.

4  St patricks college, maynooth   Arts and theology

5 Galway                                                  Public and social policy

6 Limerick                                              Politics

7 Limerick                                             Ecomices and sociology

8 Carlow college                                  English and history

9  Cork                                                     Government and politics

10 Carlow college                               humanities

So i think that this cao suits me fine for me at the moment seven of these courses will let me go on to be a teacher while 3 of them are just there because i find them interesting.

On a lighter note i have nearly finished my first draft of history project i finally sat down today and got myself in gear and had a very productive day all in all.

So i will probably apply for the cao on monday but i also have a back up plan if moving away for college or if i complety make a balls of the leaving cert. i also applied for my local college the Cavan institute its within walking distance from my house now its only a fetac college which is why you can apply for it through the cao but its there as a back up. and if i decided that i didnt want to move away for another year i could just defer my course that i get offered. also as i would be doing a fetac course i could get in to arts in Galway even if i didnt get the points. Fetac and the Cavan institute are a sort of a backdoor to unviesty.But everyone im my year is or has applied to Cavan so if i do go a large majority o my mates will be there to.         

so hope everyone else isnt as confused as i am good luck with your cao lads

Cian 🙂

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  1. Wahaaay!! thats like mine! Except not 1 and 2 and stick in international relations and international development in there somewhere…

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