Leaving cert stress

Depression mode initiated, code blue alert. Week one of the pre-exams is finally out the window and it has been a demoralizing task. I don’t get how ‘mock’ exams can get me so worked up… They mean nothing, but I want to ‘win’, I am a competitor. I am a student of fluid manoeuvres, patiently observing the intermittent pattern of examinations. My specialisation is deciphering the past papers, precisely predicting what will be on the paper and with this I enter the mind of an examiner swotting-up on previous marking schemes and only then can one can gain full control of their nameless assessor.

This was my method up to this week, yes I had a good idea of what questions would come up in each paper but I have entered a whole new realm of problems- Study. I can fabricate half a strategy, but it’s useless without a second half of genuine revision. My slothful behaviour has been induced by hundreds of hours of nonstop TV and gaming. Sinful.

Male, 17, seeking antidote to laziness.

How can I be upset about something I’m not willing to put effort in… Why am I pissed off about pres? I want answers, answers to life!

Over and out,


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