Another leaving cert tale


My life has taken a major downturn this year. All i have energy to do is lite up and watch southpark. The worst event being the mourning before hl maths paper 2 i got up at 4 in the mourning hoping to study. But got smoked a bowl instead and ate a whole 4 packs of chocodiles for breakfast. Midway through the exam i have to leave to go the the toilet. Wind up throwing up into my shoes while sitting there. Have to roll with it and sit the rest of the exam with my chocolate filled shoes.

Leaving cert tales


My unbelievably dank leaving cert. So far instead of studying I have found myself blazing it and watching south-park with my cholo friends. Seriously the leaving cert has just encouraged this unhealthy cycle of getting high and drinking bbq sauce. So yesterday I got up at four with the intention of studying and wound up smoking a bowl and eating what must have been 3 entire packs of chocodiles for breakfast. Later during maths paper 2 I had to leave to use the bathroom. I wound up throwing up into one of my shoes and having to run with that for the rest of the exam. Paper went ok though answered everything. I cant wait for this to be over so i can recover my life and go back to work.

Leaving Cert panic.. you’re not alone


I hate this leaving cert. I have hated these last few days, weeks and months. Basically I pretty much hate everything at the minute.
Everyone says ‘You’ll be grand, you’ve all the work done, don’t be worrying’ Jeez thanks wish I thought of that earlier… Easier said than done.
For anyone that is reading this, just know you’re not alone. There’s thousands more people just like you, probably thinking the very same thoughts of panic.
May the odds be ever in your favour… But don’t forget, NOTHING, not even this stupid exam, can stop you from doing whatever you want in this life.

Leaving Cert poem


The leaving cert. Just.
Approaches me quickly. One
Second closer. Time.

Yet I struggle. In
my studies to find pause. My
head is dizzy. Life.


Just want the leaving cert to be over


Can it just be over so I can start my summer and begin being drunk 24/7