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Macro Economics.. Help

Hi, 6th year student here. Economics isn’t too bad, definitions and common sense questions take up alot of it. But it’s the macro-economics that are killing me. My teacher is brutal. He has this west cork accent that is impossible to understand and he’s not helping us at all, he gives no tips and any questions for …

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My situation.

Well basically i have done no study and no work in fifth year. I tried to repeat but they were not taking any repeats. My grades were extremely poor (D’s and C’s). Im not aiming for big points as i am only going for arts in NUIG so i can then go onto teaching. My …

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Irish grammar?

Does anyone know any good study tips for Irish grammar and the tenses? No matter what I do, they just don’t stick in my brain!  I’m at the end of 5th year now, and am planning to get grinds during the summer. My Irish is awful. So any tips, sites, books would be much appreciated.