I’ve wanted to use that title now for quite some time but then i thought people would think i’m just stealing it from bebo who in turn stole it from David Bowie. Well i’m stealing it from David Bowie too, not bebo.

New social media icons screenshots

In the shape of cans… get it? In ireland we associate socialising with drinking, hence the reference to the cans…

Translation Feature screenshots

We’ve integrated google translator in to the site. So if you ever wanted to see what an article in chinese looks like, you can now do so.

RSS? Go on, go on, go on….

rss feed

Have you subscribed to our RSS feed? No? That’s ok, me neither… but we have made a bit of an effort to promote our RSS feed on the site more. What is RSS? I’ll let wikipedia come in on that one…

More Polls screenshots

Polls are a great way of getting quick feedback. So we’ve added more.. in fact we’ve quadroupled the number of polls on our site from one to four.

Read More Links… screenshots

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice ‘Leave a Comment’ has changed to ‘Read More…’ on articles on the homepage.

The reason i wanted ‘Read More’ links on all articles was because all of our posts aren’t just 2 lines long… we just shortened them so everything would look nice and symmetrical on the homepage. If you click on the image, or title of the post, the post will expand and you’ll get to read it all.

I’m sure 99% people knew that anyway, but you know yourself… some people will drive over a cliff if their sat nav tells them to.

What’s with all the changes?

Good question. Think of it as our new year’s resolution. The site has been knocking about now for over 3 years, so it’s about time we started flexing it’s muscles a bit. Competition – be afraid! There’ll be more changes on the way too. Big ones. And that’s a good place to end this post – leaving you wanting more…

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