Changes and Losses – The Leaving Cert

I have been a bit weirded out this week with the concept of an impending Leaving-Cert. In merely 4 weeks I will walk out the school doors for the very last time. I have been waiting for this day since I entered that spine-chilling portal of primary school as a junior infant. But have I? When we walk out that door, a thousand memories will depart us forever. School life as we know will be over, the past eighteen years will be nothing more than a memory, a past event, an occurrence, history.

In a matter of weeks, us scholars will enter an exam hall, and experience the torment of maturity. Over a period of two weeks, we will forget years of prized academia. Our social network will be substituted over the following months altered by our imminent transformation. A thousand faces lost eternally.

However, with on our parting we will take with us a respectable wisdom that will enable us to move on and become the proud heritage of the land of saints and scholars. With every step in life we gain a thousand years of experience, every advancement makes us a million times stronger. Live for today and rejoice tomorrow. Look at every single affair from every possible angle. Only when we are wise we are victorious, only when we have truly lived life to our fullest we can say we have gained what is known as wisdom. Wisdom is just an expression; award it your own meaning because the Leaving-Cert is merely one small step of our lives now to take that giant leap…

4 thoughts on “Changes and Losses – The Leaving Cert”

  1. This post follows the same theme of my last, the whole ‘live today, die tomorrow’ concept. I know yeah… repetition but it has been all that has been the topic of discussion among many of us at the moment. Everyone is talking about going to different colleges in opposite sides of country. Future plans seem to be the big thing. Maybe when the realisation of the gruelling study that lies ahead hits me I might actually be thinking of something other than the afters of the Leaving-Cert.

  2. “In merely 4 weeks I will walk out the school doors for the very last time”

    Until you walk back in for exams the week later, haha.

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