Cian is ainm dom

First off, I’ll Introduce myself. My name is Cian and I’m sitting the leaving cert this year. I have no idea yet what I want to do in 3rd level and have no end of year goals as such yet. That, I’ll have to figure out as the year progresses. I look forward to blogging regularly enough here.

So Mid-term is here. Great I suppose. But then again Mid-term has a different significance for different people. For some it’s a week of hard study, for me its a different story completely. I like to think of it for what it is; a break.

I don’t intend on studying this mid-term, I never really was madly into the idea in the first place. I’ll probably do the homework I was assigned and leave it at that. I think having a mental and physical break from all things school is just as important if not more. You might say that you’d be crazy not to study during the holidays in 6th Year but to be quite honest I don’t feel that I need to, I’m not trying to sound pretentious but I haven’t really ever studied as such and usually come out of exams with great marks.

So what will I do with my break? Well I’ll be out with friends a lot, I’ll watch more tv than usual, listen to more albums, go to a couple of parties and get a few to-do’s out of the way. Then, having done my homework I should feel fresh and ready for the new half-term to Christmas. School can be draining between schoolwork and homework and I think it’s important not to invest too much of yourself into this one thing. I’m not denying its importance, but I do believe that there’s far more to being 17/18 than this one exam.

So best of luck to everyone on their mid-term! I hope you achieve your goals, but remember to enjoy yourself in the process.

Slán go fóill,


2 thoughts on “Cian is ainm dom”

  1. I like the attitude Cian, I ended up being sick during mid-term but it forced me to forget about studying and take a break and now I feel much for able for the work until Christmas. I hope you did enjoy your mid-term and I look forward to future blogs.

  2. It’s kind of turned into a weekend thing now too! I try to work hard during the week but when the weekend comes I put everything aside and try to keep my sanity!

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