Come play with us, Danny

It’s my third weekend since going back to school and I regret to say I have shamelessly gone out every weekend so far. But it has honestly not been my fault! First weekend it was a house party at my house, which by the way I did not hold, it was my brother’s. So really it would have been rude to not  join in. Last weekend I got home from after school study with the wonderful prospect of being able to have a few hours of “me time” before starting that never ending pile of work again. But I was informed by my mother that I was being taken to her work dinner. Which proceeded into pubing until 11, when I was very ready to go home, onto several clubs until 3. I don’t know which is worse the fact I was clubbing with my mother or the fact that I enjoyed it. The image I had in my head the next day was of  my mother and I dancing it out under strobe lights to Dynamite, which she proudly (drunkenly) announced to me that it was her favourite song ever!  Tonight of course, the one weekend when I should most certainly stay at home, I’ve been invited to three 18th’s :/ They’re all in the same general area so I can’t even make the excuse of “oh sorry I’v another party to go to and it’s agesss away!” It’s like I’ve been set a big challenge by someone to resist all these intriging propositions and I’m finding it very hard!

Enough of my soon to die out social life. Onto the important things in life: SCHOOL. As every day goes by the work left to do just gets bigger and bigger and no matter how much I dig into it, it seems to stay the same. At the moment I’m in a fairly good studying routine: After school study until 6. Study again from 7 until half 9. Then usually an hour or so of stuff I have to do on the computer research for history and the likes. I also have the amazing ability to stay away from facebook when I have things to do. Researching colleges on the other hand I’m addicted to. All my favourites on the old desktop are college sites and UCAS. I spend more time typing in UCAS then facebook into google. I think for a 17 year old with a love of  blowing off steam at the weekend that’s a little worrying. Also am I the only one whose parents seem to twist the leaving cert to their ability. When I ask for money (which in my defence happens very very rarely) they want to know why I don’t have a part time job because they did it when they were in leaving cert and they turned out fine (My Mother never went to college and my Dad dropped out in the first month). But the table’s are turned when I ask to go to my friends house for a break from studying, usually at around 11 at night when studying is no longer an option and my friends also live a two minute walk up the road. It’s “Amy I don’t see how you plan on getting high points if you go galavanting off to your friends house every chance you get!” But apparently a part time job would fit into my life a lot easier then ten minutes of socialising on a Tuesday night. Funny how parents can be so much more logical. 

So far school wise I think I’m doing fairly ok. I’ve had three tests so far, and they didn’t make me want to cry. Ag science I picked up this year so I don’t yet have my farmer hat on but the course seems relatively ok and I am irish after all so a test on potatoes was never going to be too much of a challenge. Biology oddly fascinates me, I did previously want to go into anatomical pathology I like all the things that can go wrong with the body. I’m also way to into horror movies for it to be considered healthy. So again another test which caused me no pain. Last but not least was the short story for english. The english course has to be my favourite part of the leaving cert. It’s all reading and writing and comparing, how could anyone not love that! Section 2 of paper 1 is like a goldmine. You get 7 choices! I definitely don’t think anyone should prepare an essay for this but it is probably the most flexible part of the paper. You can incorporate any manner of things into your essay and examiners love some diversity. I would too if I had to read 600 of them. Then again I’m loopy about english so I’d probably love doing it. Have to say it probably made my week writing that short story and the 94% at the end didn’t hurt either.

Well I’m off.

 I’ve ranted for far too long and if I want to go out tonight then I have to get some work done. But I did get another short story to do so mabye I’ll just stay home 🙂

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  1. Haha have to love mammies! Though sadly my mother would probably ‘get in there’ with a ‘young lad’ before I got a chance..

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