construction studies cheats get hammered

Cheating is only cheating if you get caught. It does go on and it will continue to go on. Some get caught, some don’t but no doubt this case will make some people think twice…

22 constructions studies students were docked marks due to cheating last year. Construction studies coursework is worth 30% of the overall marks going for the subject. Like more and more coursework these days it’s spread out over a long period of time, meaning you can work on it at home, in your own time etc…

These students were found have gotten a little helping hand with their projects which is a big no no. After all, if they got help with the projects, that means other people suffer because the quality of their projects will increase, raising the standards for everyone else.

However, these cowboy builders of tomorrow got caught red handed. Worse still, their work was signed off by their teacher ๐Ÿ™„ So it just goes to show that cheating is alive and well within the leaving cert. No doubt brown envelopes exchanged hands too. After all, this is construction studies we’re talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

No doubt we’ll soon find out that business studies students have been giving loans to construction studies students to help them pay for their project assistance. The rest of you guys will then have to bail out the broke business studies students whilst the construction studies students do a runner :mrgreen:

The moral of the story is don’t cheat. And if you do cheat, don’t get caught. A good examiner will be able to spot cheats a mile off. Variations in writing style is probably the biggest giveaway. If you take this blog, you should be able to tell straight away whether it’s me or somebody else (usually Enda) writing an article… without even looking at the author.

So if you’re gonna cheat, keep that in mind and at least put some thought and effort in to it otherwise you’ll trigger alarm bells straight away and end up being docked marks and written about by the likes of me!

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