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I have no longer got an ounce of motivation nor care towards my final two exams. After spending the last week off relaxing myself and switching off, I find it extremely difficult to switch back into exam mode . In my opinion a week is far too long. I found it even hard to push myself to look over notes before the exam and ended up playing GTA IV for several hours.

Construction Studies is probably a more favorable subject of mine. Although I really didn’t enjoy todays paper. To begin with, it was pouring rain all day which didn’t help the mood. The exam began about 10 minutes late. Having sat there for 5 minutes waiting to be handed my exam paper and then be informed that I had to walk half way down the school to find a drawing board and T-square. Excellent preparation on behalf of the examiners and school. As soon as i was seated again I was frantically waving both arms in an effort to get the examiners attention, until I got my exam paper.

Finally I began the exam, and had a flick through the paper. Question 1, an open fireplace. We were to draw a vertical section of the wall, foundation and fireplace. The foundations and walls were literally imprinted in my memory, except for the fireplace. Having briefly skimmed over a drawing of this very question, I was annoyed I hadn’t given it more time.

The only question that stood out as a big no no for me was the U-Values question. I have had enough of maths to last me a life time, so under no circumstances was I going to attempt that question. Some questions offered students an opening to use their creativity where as others required factual information as well as common sense. However, some questions in the paper can be a little ridiculous at times. I finished by trying to sketch a picture of a heating system in a house. Which went totally wrong. Although it did look graphically appealing..

With only one exam remaining, and a flight to Germany on Friday, I look forward to a break.

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  1. Man that 1st question was ridiclous. How were anyone to know the connections between a party wall of flue liners. Turns out i actually got it right but thats besides the point.
    Rest of the paper was a doddle apart from the feckn question on the reknewable energy powered oil heater

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