Could I borrow your Sat Nav please??

As all you fellow DCG candidates know, the assignments for this year are out and in my opinion it’s the toughest one yet. I’d like to know who’s idea it was to punish the LCs of 2011 with a Sat-Nav? It’s not like we use them on a daily basis, most of us can barely afford a car, why on earth would we have a Sat-Nav. Well maybe you guys know all about Sat-Navs but I’ve never even held one. Back here in the West everyone knows where they’regoing and even if someone was posh enough to own one you’re constantly be entertained by the proud stories of how THEY were SMARTER then the Sat-Nav because IT wanted them to drive over the CLIFF and they DIDN’T. (I accept that Sat-Navs have improved and are probably very handy). So basically I need a Sat-Nav to work with and I don’t know anyone who has one, so can I borrow yours??? I’ll return it soon, promise!

So seriously it’s the hardest project yet. Last year it was a games controller and the year before an ipod docking station, both of which were very familiar to the average teen. But worst of all we have to design the mounting system for the Sat-nav aswell. How on earth do you graphically communicate a suction cup?

Anyway blog audience I can offer some help. If your like me and can’t get your hands on a Sat-nav for a few weeks there’s a website called where most Sat-Nav devices have been photographed from all sides. This can be a basis for getting measurements. And also make sure you have Solidworks on your home PC so you can practice at home and then make it quickly at school (remember it all must be made at school).  You can download it from solidworks once you get a code from you school and it lasts until November 2011 for free!

As mad as I am about the Dept. of Education’s poor choice of assignment, I’m excited about it and can’t wait to get started (except for that mounting system which will be a giant pain!). Mine is gonna be class! How about yours?

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one! I think it’s a pretty hard one too, there’s no room for creativity, the mounting system will be very tough, and I’ve never seen a sat nav either! That website looks like it will be very handy though, so thanks for that. I think they’re running out of ideas for the DCG projects, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of this one anyway. 🙂

    1. There’s loads of room for creativity. Why make it so it can fit in a car? All it asks is for a portable one, use your imagination.

    2. What the Hell Cony!! Have you even read the brief? It clearly has to be for a car. It says;
      “car accessory” , “mounting the device inside the car is an essential feature of all such devices”.

      The examiner is looking for a sat-nav and a mounting system. Don’t do anything crazy.

    3. Yes I have read the brief. It says that it has become a popular car accessory and that a means of securely mounting said car accessory is a must. I will conceed that it will be much easier to examine Sat Navs for cars for part A but I still stand by the fact that they can’t dock me marks for not doing a satnav for a car for part B.

      As the brief states for part B: “Develop and graphically communicate a new concept design for a portable satellite navigation system.” No mention of a car there.

  2. That would be terrible if they were running out of ideas already. There only 3 years into the new course.

  3. how the hell can u modify it? its relativity modern and is very up to date. the only modification you can do is solar panels and 99% of my class are doing that! has anyone got any other suggestions? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

    1. It’s a bit late to be changing ideas but you could do a new concept design. That’s what everyone except me in my class are doing.
      What I did was pick a less modern version of a Sat-nav so that I would be able to modify it successfully.
      Planning ahead is the key.

      But here are some modification Suggestions:
      1. If you have a windscreen mount, change to a dash board mount, or vice versa.
      2. Add the solar panel.
      3. Change the Material and colour, change between plastic and metal, black and silver, etc.
      4. Most changes can be done to the mount as they are all pretty simple in design.

      Hope this helps.
      Less than a month left.
      Last word. Do the concept Design!

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